The cosmic shop vac that sucks in volunteers sucked me back in!

The cosmic shop vac that sucks in volunteers sucked me back in!

Yes, I will admit it. It happened. They sucked me back in. I am officially on the Executive Board of the PTA again.

(*I will pause now so that you can feel free to figure out the appropriate discipline action to take.*)

One minute I was hiding and playing dead in the hallways declaring something along the lines of hell freezing over before I went there again and then the SUCK-wattage was set on full blast with the volunteer suck-vac and there I stood with my volunteer sheet in hand agreeing to be the newsletter editor. Oh, but I did it much smarter this time.

First off, I have a co-editor. Share the duties. Share the blame. Share the scorn. (Poor friend of mine is probably going to be blackballed by association.)

Second, I am on the executive board and can speak my mind all I want and then I don’t even have to vote. That could sound bad, but if you think about it, it is good. I get to tell them when the ideas are stupid less than stellar, but since I don’t vote, I cannot be blamed for the stupid less than stellar ideas that pass.

Third, I am working with the majority of woman who are new to me. Meaning, the year of the HORROR That Is Not To Be Mentioned In My Home is from a time they either were not there or were not involved. Clean slate, baby.

Okay, hit me with it. I know you are ready to slam me with the “what the hell are you thinking” comments. Bring ’em on.

15 thoughts on “The cosmic shop vac that sucks in volunteers sucked me back in!

  1. Omg. I’m in my third year and currently the (reluctant) President of the PTA. No way will I be sucked in again. I’m starting a new group at the school. I’ll call it the Recovering Volunteers Group.

  2. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and it got stained. 🙂 I’m staying far away from that this year. I did it for three years and that’s enough. I hope this year is better for you.

  3. Just remember: teachers are gold. PTAs exist for kids, and the best for kids involves happy teachers. (Hint, hint, I loved the PTA at my last school.) 🙂 –4th grade teacher

  4. Better luck this time.

    Be sure to use spell check. And get all those names right. Alphabetical order (of names) might keep you out of trouble.

  5. Did you hear that? That was the sound of karma beginning a PTA at Hailey’s school.

  6. I can only laugh at you because Hailey’s school doesn’t have a PTA so I know I’ll never get sucked in.

  7. In three months, when you are posting “why didn’t you REMIND me what happened the last time I joined the PTA??”, I will just nod my head in silence. I’m all about the NO JUDGING these days.

    I gave you an award on Table for Five, stop on by to see what it is and grab the badge! And by the way this design? ROCKS!

  8. Best of luck. I’ve done the PTA thing many times, but this year, I’ve got the best excuse to simply be a member versus holding an office or chair position — I’m pregnant and due in October. So, I think I’m getting a pass — no one has called yet. Now, if I can just keep my pen in my purse when I walk past those Room Parent Sign-up Sheets at the Meet the Teacher night next week, I’ll be in good shape.

    Thankfully, my 12-year-old regulates me at the middle school, declaring that I “better not sign up to be anything” at HER school!

  9. Jeni … Jeni… PTA? What happened to our days of saying that we would never be like our parents? Ok, but at least you get to have power over the content of the PTA bulletin and can editorialize against No Child Left Behind, right? Peharps argue for smaller class sizes and multi-age approaches to teaching? No, probably not. After all, the PTA is a institution that functions to get the parents on the side of school administration. But I love you anyway, because I know that your heart is in the right place! 🙂

  10. I feel your pain. This year I’m serving on the Middle School’s PTA Board, the high school’s PTA board, a sub-board called Senior Celebration that raises $30,000 for a post-graduation party AAANNDD I just joined Aggie Moms Club. We should get together and compare experiences. I feel sure they’re painfully similar.

  11. A friend of mine is part of her kids’ school’s PTA and it is an endless source of both frustration and comic relief for her. I’ll be sending her over here to read about your adventures with it. Better the devil you know, right?

  12. hahahahahahahah

    oh, and one more thing….


    You wanna hear something really bad? I didn’t even JOIN the PTA last year! Hey but at least you’ve got newbie parents to deal with. All fresh and eager and ready to serve. Good luck, Jenn!

  13. Hey, maybe this time will be different 🙂
    Your new layout’s looking good, by the way. 😀

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