Do you want my little black book?

Do you want my little black book?


I have no style. None. No. Wait. I do. My style is “I work from home so I can wear my pj’s and socks all day and no one cares” OR when I need to get dressed up I have “I am a PTA mom and can get away with jeans and t-shirts because kids make messes” style. So I have style. In fact, Nina Garcia (best known for her appearnace as the unerring, fromidable fashion judge on Project Runway), author of The Little Black Book of Style says I can have my own style. Though I know that is not what she had in mind when that message came across. Actually, I really did like the message that I can create my own style. One that makes me feel confident. (And I do mean beyond pj’s or jeans and t-shirts.) I love that there is such a strong emphasis on “being your own muse” and creating your own style. Without the freak.

As for how much I will actually get out of this book, probably not as much as someone else who is out and about in the “real world” more than I happen to be. I am not sure the book is the right fit for me, but it is nevertheless and incredible book. My favorite section? The Fashion Cliff Notes Decade by Decade. The illustrations are beautiful! Ruben Toledo is an illustrating master.

I do recommend this book for women who are looking for a bit of style guidance. It is a great, quick read with incredible advice from people who know fashion and style. I even learned a thing or two about ways to update my style. Just because I am a PTA/Soccer mom doesn’t mean I have to look like a slob. And just because I will never wear anything that is fresh off of a runway doesn’t mean I cannot have style.

Style is internal. And everyone can create their own. And good style? It will bring out your confidence. And any woman who has confidence is beautiful!

I am giving away the free copy of The Little Black Book of Style! Do you want a copy? Just comment and let me know about your worst fashion mistake. If for no other reason than I need the entertainment! The winner will be chosen at random. I look forward to reading what you have to done horrible in the name of bad fashion!

11 thoughts on “Do you want my little black book?

  1. LOL!

    I went to the grocery store last night wearing a pair of blue and green flannel shorts that are 13 years old (1994 HS homecoming!!) and an oversized heather gray T-shirt, and NO MAKE-UP!!!

    And as for Old Navy tees…I live in them!! They’re great!! You can dress them up, dress them down, layer them with other tees or tanks. The possibilities are endless!!! Does this mean I need help??

  2. My 12 year old fashion conscious daughter will tell you that I absoultely lack style. I have terrible PTA mom style! She loathes my v-neck tshirts from Old Navy, which I own in MULTIPLE colors! Jeans? Oh yes, but bad bad, ugly jeans – MOM JEANS! I confess that I look for the higher waist because I have a long torso and short waist jeans make my legs look like small stumps. Bad, I know. Someone send What Not to Wear to my house – would you please?

  3. My worst fashion mistake? getting all dolled up to go shoot a cocktail party for the arts society, getting ALL the way into the building and remembering: HOLYCRAPPOLA! I forgot to put my dentures in! heh.. yah.. I’m gettin old

  4. I ran into the convenience store in boxer shorts and slippers the other day. It was early in the morning, my card wouldn’t work in the gas pump, so I had to go inside. As I was paying, you would know, several cars pulled up. Oh well, they look like shorts anyway, right?

  5. I don’t have the greatest sense of style, but outside of slacking around the house, I do enjoy dressing in a way that makes me feel good about myself. I don’t feel like a slob when I’m home in my pj’s because it’s what I WANT to wear, but if I wear frumpy clothes out of the house I feel like a frump and I hate that feeling.

  6. oh too many to list here…
    but my 1st born darling daughter who is studying cosmetology and determined to take on the challenge to make the world more beautiful is absolutely mortified that mommy dearest had a mullet and i have photographic proof…me in my mullet-y glory balancing toddler darling daughter #1 on my acid washed jeans clad hip. it almost makes the drama trauma of her teen years so worth it because this picture is more embarrassing to her than the naked baby pictures.

  7. Gee, where do I start? I had a red pleather mini-skirt that I wore in public. After the’80’s. In my college graduation photos, you can see my hiking boots under my gown, and a hint of plaid flannel collar peeking out of the top.

    And last week I wore pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt – to the grocery store.

  8. Hmmm,I am very unfashionable. One of my fashion mistakes, however, wasn’t due to lack of style. It was due to dental work. I had a nasty bruise on my cheek from a nicked blood vessel during a procedure. As it was healing it went through all the color schemes in the rainbow. One day, I made the mistake of wearing a dark green tweed jacket. A student greeted me, “Hey, Mrs. Teacher, you match!”

  9. Uhm, do acid wash jeans and a neon Ghostbusters shirt coupled with a W I D E white belt, topped off with rainbow legwarmers count as a fashion mistake? Does it help if I told you I wore this yesterday?

    (no, not really yesterday, but I did wear all of it proudly in 1984. The pictures I have of this travesty still hurt my eyes)

    Other than that I keep buying tight(ish) shirts that look fabulous in the dressing room mirror, but show every single belly bulge in real life. Doesn’t matter though, I never learn my lesson and my drawers continue to fill up with roll-enhancing shirts.

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