Bedtime in D Major (or how my kids get a “D” in bedtime)

Because you seemed to have enjoyed my Momsense post, I wanted to give you one more little child raising song that my husband sent to me. It is longer, so you may have to be patient. But, you can listen to it while your children are not going to bed when they are supposed to be going to bed. Or when they come in for the eleventy hundredth glass of water, you can ignore them and watch this.


  1. Well, you know I had to steal this for my blog. This guy is hilarous. Did you watch the Spoiled Bumblebee video he has posted. Love this guy!

  2. That’s so great! Funny and touching…a great combination.

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  4. Outstanding!!
    Thanks for the concert.

  5. Ha! “my mind is a wreck/ I keep hearing songs from Shrek”

  6. OH. MY. GAWD. He lives at my house! This was absolutely BRILLIANT…and at the end? I almost cried. Well, not really…it’s allergies!

    Man that was good and I am so swiping it from you.

    Thank you Jen…you made my day!

  7. Fun! Totally fun!

    I really like the video…I think I have to steal it also and put on my son’s comment in his friendster account. It all describes my son’s attitude…hehehe

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