I like Potato Salad. And Wagons. And freak shows.

I like Potato Salad. And Wagons. And freak shows.

I found this online tonight and knew it was a Must Share Moment. *Note: Just get through the Potato Salad song and you will be amazed shocked horrified at the mad skillz these women have. And before anyone asks, I am TOTALLY calling the part of “Wagon Girl!” Now, if only I can get two more people to join me in taking this on the road.

20 thoughts on “I like Potato Salad. And Wagons. And freak shows.

  1. I just found your blog today and I’m in bigtime BLOGLOVE!
    I want to know who was the doctor that did the spine-removal surgery on those ladies? My daughter was a dancer for 13 years and when we saw moves like that we would say “damn, that girls got NO BONES!”

  2. The exiting cartwheel routine was amazing…They sounded like the Andrews sisters!

    Very cool video!

    The Egel Nest

  3. I’ve never been more turned on in my life. And by “turned on” I clearly mean “freaked out”!

    How did we ever survive before YouTube?

  4. I could have done that before I had kids (please catch the sarcasm here)…my center of gravity has definately shifted to the hip/glut/thigh region. I don’t think they make shows that like for us kinds of girls. How in the world did you find this!!!!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Gott go and tell let hubs and kids know that I can’t make dinner tonight, I am going to be busy practicing some new moves to take on the road! I’m in…might need a few months of SERIOUS pilates before I’m ready.

    BTW…found this post through a clink on a link I found on the BlogRush widget on another site!


  6. I’m in too. I’m stretching right now to get ready.
    I’m the girl in the hay loft, performing things that just defy gravity. And all reason.

  7. I saw you peek in on one of my blog logs and followed you to this absolutely fabulous blog. So glad you found me so I could find you!

    First of all, I like potato salad, wagons, and freak shows, too, so I’m loving you. Actually, I adore freak shows, so I’m really adoring you. Hilarious.

    Looking forward to poking around your blog. Should be sleeping. Mommy is seriously going to need coffee in the morning, as toddlers generally don’t accept the “but I found a new blog last night” excuse.

  8. I’m horrified!
    NOT at what you blogged…but the fact my slow speed or whatever it is,can’t see it.(pouting)
    Noooo fair!
    I’ll have to get on someone elses’ computer and see what I am missing.
    Having to get caught up anyways on some back-news..I haven’t been the faithful blogger/reader that I once was.Mostly work and not alot of free time..sending u an invite.That is..if your email is available,If not,you can email me at tamra747@yahoo.com.Between family and work…some thoughts are better left un-read.LOL

  9. Okay, what do they do for chocolate cake?

    I can’t sing or contort, but I’ll totally join your road show. I can still tap dance, will that help?

  10. That is just wrong on so many levels – the song and the horrific contortions of those women….just wrong

  11. I’ll do it with you, but I’ll need about 5 years training and a time clock to take me back 15 years. SO, as long as I don’t have to do any of those crazy yoga moves, flying through the air, dressing in the skimpy outfits, or the singing, I’M IN! I’ll be the girl eating the potato salad.


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