Mommy Wars? Again? Let’s make it easy! (a follow-up)

Mommy Wars? Again? Let’s make it easy! (a follow-up)

I am thrilled with the response to my last post about finally putting down our foot when it comes to the media and their Mommy Wars. From the thousands of hits, the emails, the comments, I know that I hit a nerve with many of you. It also brought up some great conversations.

Many of said, “I’m mad too, Eddie Jenn!” but then it was followed with “But what can we do?” Great question!

First, everytime you hear that gawd awful, hyped-up, ridiculous term, do something. Email the station. Write a letter. Call them out and blog them. Tell them to stop their made up crap. And, really, do you want to get them where it hurts? Change the channel! If those of us who are fed up with the media stirring up the drama begin to change the channel or turn off the television, they will get the message eventually. Many people brought up a great point. Ratings. They start the controversy in order to get us talking and get the ratings. So, if we turn them off and call them out, maybe they can stop with this idiot, made up war.

Now, I know that morning “news” shows will never be hard hitting like CNN or such. I am never expecting that or wanting that. Report the fluff. Show us the latest gadgets. Give us cooking segments. Interview authors, celebrities, or women/men making a difference. I know it could be a severe naive look, but I am SO OVER trying to pit Mom against Mom. Don’t we all have enough to do raising our children? (The answer to that is YES by the way, media.)

Jay brought up a great point:

On the other hand, you are missing one element from the “Mommy Wars.” Using one of your examples, if the SAHM that “declares” all mothers MUST stay home… you may politely disagree, however SHE may declare war on you anyway. Very similar to political blogs, mommy blogs have a tendency to both polarize people to one side or the other, but even in the cases where the wise people “stay out” or “stay neutral” those that are looking to instigate or preach still do so, and are more than happy to be at “war” with anybody that does not have an opinion that is EXACTLY like theirs.

Sadly, that is true. There are so many people who want to be in the middle of the “war” because it psyches them up. He is right on with that. However, I honestly believe there are way more of us fed up than there are those who enjoy it. It takes doing exactly the opposite of what these Mommy Wars are trying to achieve. Banding together. Standing side by side and embracing our differences. And *gasp* supporting each other. Moms supporting Moms. I know more of us want that than not. Basically, even if (using my example) another mom declares war on me and my choices, if I never pick up my own weapon, never fire back and [important point here] refuse to let her get me riled up, her shots fired will fall short of her goal. (At least that is what I want to need to believe.)

I am not naive enough to think that the media– especially the morning shows– will become all rosy and shoot sunshine up our collective asses, but I refuse to let them pull me into a war that I did not sign up for. One that I don’t even think exists. In fact, I am not going to let them try to convince me that I should be at war with other moms due to our differences.

Let me make this easy for you.

These people are fighting a war:


These people are not:




images courtesy of A Soldier’s Blog and Y.

6 thoughts on “Mommy Wars? Again? Let’s make it easy! (a follow-up)

  1. Nice visual illustrations.

    I think “Mommy Wars” was invented by the media. I never knew we were in a war until I started reading “mommyblogs” in the past year or so. And usually those entries were like this one – ridiculing the silly media.

  2. Great point. However, I must say that the second picture does look like a rowdy crew. A crew I would want on my side in battle…with the muffies.

  3. Excellent points, each and every one. these are the reasons why I listen to NPR and NEVER watch TV anymore (esp. what they call “news”). Enough crap, enough BS, enough catering to the frenzied hype that the Power$ that Be want us to buy in to. I join you as a conscientious objector to this “war.”

  4. thank you for the visual illustration for those of us who are visual type learners 🙂
    great post.

  5. I love that we can read these things as all over the world women face the same issues, we really do. So fantastic to read your post and connect around the world. Keep up the good work Jenn.

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