Dear World in General,

SERIOUSLY?! I mean really. Seriously?




  1. Sounds like we had a similar day. Hope tomorrow is better!

  2. Oh yeah… seriously. Hope you have a better day today and aren’t getting sick again!

  3. Uhm, yeah. Yesterday was like that for me too. Only I was asking WTF?!!

  4. That was my Monday.

    Is it a full moon or something?

  5. I had one of those days on Monday…and another today…and my class has to take a major, important test tomorrow…if a front moves through or a full moon comes along, I’m doomed.

  6. That was my last Friday.

  7. I so had one of those days today… a serious WTF day!

  8. I have those days. Frequently. I hate people.

  9. Sounds like somebody watched the news! The OP, Daisy, even got that full moon she didn’t need. Things can only get better! I love the blog, y’all! Claire

  10. Oh you girls are so supportive of each other! Jenn, I finally posted my video of me babysitting my friends daughter. Peace out girls and always remember that these are the good old days.

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