The the impotence of proofreading your work

The the impotence of proofreading your work

Okay, for those of you writers out there, this is hilarious. Depending on your spell checker? Think again. It is especially for my good friend whose job it is to proofread the fun things we writers throw out there. Don’t let this happen to you. “Proofreading your peppers is of the utmost impotence!” (Warning! It is a bit risque, but nevertheless hilarious!) How did I not find Taylor Mali before now? I adore him. Listen to some of his things. They are good!

Example exerpt:

So I got myself a spell checker
and figured I was on Sleazy Street.

But there are several missed aches
that a spell chukker can¹t can¹t catch catch.
For instant, if you accidentally leave out word
your spell exchequer won¹t put it in you.
And God for billing purposes only
you should have serial problems with Tori Spelling
your spell Chekhov might replace a word
with one you had absolutely no detention of using.

The The Impotence of Proofreading By Taylor Mali

3 thoughts on “The the impotence of proofreading your work

  1. Oh, thank you for this. I’m an editor and I’m sending this asap to my staff! If I was still teaching writing I’d be sharing it with my ass. I mean class.

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  3. You rock and just made my day! Thank you, thank you, or should I say “spank you”!!!

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