Bee-oring movie!

Bee-oring movie!

I took the kids to see the Bee Movie today.

I can never get that time of my life back. Before it was over, Brandon and I were hoping they would all sting each other and die.

Who are the critics who loved this movie? Where are they? Maybe I have been spoiled by other animated movies that cater to adults and children alike. Maybe I was lulled into the false sense that perhaps because of the amazing cast it would rock.

I will admit I might have missed something. Maybe I was not in the best animated movie going mood? Maybe I was tired? Maybe I wanted to actually see a movie WORTH the money I spent? If you liked it, feel free to share.

I came home grumpy and wanting to eat a lot of honey and swat bees just to piss them off.

So, any good movies that someone my age might like. I need to redeem myself and my movie record.


12 thoughts on “Bee-oring movie!

  1. if you didn’t like it, then you DID miss something. the whole movie was a running social and political commentary. bees are really one of the most profound ways to comment on the human condition. think about it: the oblivious bourgeoisie stuck in cubicles all day working for the man just to generate enough money to keep their meaningless lives going.

    barry bee wanted something different. basically if you aren’t making an effort to change or escape from the system, like an artist for example, then you suck.


  2. Yeah, my husband had to take the kids to see it because McD’s had the toys and so the kids just HAD to see it. When they got home and I asked my soon to be 6 year old DD what she thought of it her words were,”I didn’t laugh once, Mom. It was lame.”. LOL My son had to use the potty about 5 times, which is pretty bad on the potty rating. Any movie over a 1-2 potty trip rating is pretty bad. Charlotte’s Web was a 9 timer.
    I tried to warn them before they went. LOL Now how does that Fred Clause movie look? Is it worth going?

  3. What reviews have you been reading?! Everything I saw about Bee Movie said that it wasn’t worth seeing… Generally I go to the “” website because in the reviews section they catalogue reviews from various sources, sorted by postive-negative-mixed. So you can see that whatever movie got twice as many negative reviews as postive or whatever.

    Probably doing that much research makes me a huge dork, but movies are so expensive! I can’t afford to waste time and money on a sucky one.

  4. I’m not sure what your age is but I’ve been to cheap night at the movie theatre for the 12 weeks in a row. My movies are all running together. Like another reader, I enjoyed Dan in Real Life very much. I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry was FUNNY, Good luck Chuck and Mr. Woodcock were very good as well. Transformers was as bad as I thought, but that is so not my kind of movie.

  5. Transformers. I loved Transformers, seriously. My son loved it too, but … I CRIED during the part where Bumblebee.. well, I’ll just leave it at that. I’m a loser, I know.


    It’s a good movie, no swearing, you really only see one guy die and it’s from a ways away.

  6. I liked it better than I thought I would, but not as much as Megan did and I’ve pretty much forgotten everything about it in the week that’s passed.

    “Dan in Real Life” is one I really did like – enough to see it again with a friend.

  7. Cool. Thanks for the heads up. I don’t think it has been released here in Oz yet.

    I will yell at a few bees here for you K?

  8. Husband owes me a movie — that is, it’s his turn to take the kid to the next one because I took him to the Simpsons movie. I think he’ll have to cover Bee Movie if Amigo wants to go.

  9. I saw it Friday night. I was bored, too. It was like a string on Seinfeld one liners.

    There were a couple of funny lines, though.

  10. We saw this movie last night and I agree that it was lame. There’s so much about it that was so patently false that it just felt like a self-indulgent junket for Seinfeld that dragged viewers along for the ride. I suppose Seinfeld feels an audience should love anything he produces just because it has his name on it.

  11. Hilarious! Our local paper gave it horrible reviews, but then I heard the guy on Today say it was great. I’m glad I read this, because now I know Today was just kissing Jerry Seinfeld’s butt.

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