Doctor, wait. I am in surgery.

Doctor, wait. I am in surgery.

Cannot pull free of the tractor beam that is Nintendo.

Must. Stop. Playing.

But not really.

I had to take Gabrie into the doctor today. (Possible kidney issues. We hope not. Think good thoughts.) So, anyway, the doctor walks in after we had been talking and playing for 20 minutes and had JUST THEN picked up our DSes (DS’s? DS lites?) and began to play. Gabrie barely looked up. I just held up my index finger in the “Wait just a second gesture” and said, “I’m almost done with this surgery. [on my DS Trauma Center: Under the Knife] One sec.” Stitched the guy up and looked up at the (real) doctor.

For some reason he looked a bit baffled? Confused? Appalled? Whatever. We were entertaining ourselves. I mean, we had already read in the most current issue of People magazine available that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had broken up. We needed comfort. What were we to do?

We Nintendo’ed out.

Now, I am off to save more lives in Africa.

(Did I mention I got the Trauma Center game for the Wii for my birthday? Need medical help? Feel free to call on me. Though tomorrow, I will be rockin the house with Mario and Co.)

3 thoughts on “Doctor, wait. I am in surgery.

  1. Oh how I wish I had a portable game playing thing a ma-bobber…. I have to settle for using my cell phone and texting for entertainment in waiting rooms. 😛

  2. How cute…had to re-read to “get it”(lol)
    Hope the kidney issue came out alright while you two were having fun during the looonnnng wait that you usually get when you are at the hospital…

  3. While I do hope she’s OK, I am totally distracted by Trauma Center.

    Dude, Trauma Center? Must play this.

    You know I worked there in real life?

    Nintendo version would be just as cool, only without the drunks hurling on you.

    I hope.

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