NaEvHaThMo (National Everything Happens This Month)

NaEvHaThMo (National Everything Happens This Month)

NaNoWriMo_ 6,000 words on my memoir. Go me!

NaBloPoMo- This counts, right?

NaNaTaMo (National Nap Taking Month)- 3 hours! Even better

NaPhoTaMo (National Phone Talking Month- less than an hour (So rare! See 1 and 3 above)

NaCelMyBirMo (National Celebrate My Birthday Month) – Countdown begins in 28 minutes. Oh yeah, baby. Tomorrow is my birthday so tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1969. (Meaning I am going to eat and sleep.)

That about sums up my day. And yours?

8 thoughts on “NaEvHaThMo (National Everything Happens This Month)

  1. Woo hoo! I’ll celebrate all of those as long as it doesn’t add to my workload. I celebrate nap month every month.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh and Happy Birthday 🙂

    Sorry got all flustered thinking about how I want to shave that dirty smudge off my husbands upper lip……

  3. Oooh that was good! I have taken to calling it NaPo whatever cause I can’t remember it all….

    It is also Movember. Where idiot men like my husband grow a mustache and look like porn stars for the month. Oh and suffer through a nookie ban till they shave the stupid things off…… If you looked good with a mo, you would have already had one you twit.

  4. National Nap Taking Month? Can I sign up? I already have a November birthday.

  5. For me it’s like NaCoYe (National Cooking Year) in the mornings and NaWoYe (National Working Year) soon after… 🙂
    nice post…

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