Paging Dr. O’Skill. Dr. Lack O’Skill.

Paging Dr. O’Skill. Dr. Lack O’Skill.

trauma-center-ds.jpgWhen you are dealing with doctors and you are not feeling well at all, what is the best way to get your mind off of it? Why to perform surgery of course! Enter Trauma Center: Under the Knife. I mean, I might as well be the surgeon and get to do the dramatic cutting. (Have I mentioned how much I love my DS? I do so love my beautiful DS. She is all crimson and black and has own case. Sometimes, I sleep with her. It’s okay. I let the Wii have its own bed.)

So I thought it would be fun to unwind with this game. I wanted a challenge, but something fun. This is what I chose.

And now my head will proceed to explode with frustration and irritation. I thought I was just all that. Bring it! I watch ER. I watch Grey’s Anatomy. I can SO perform these “tough” surgeries.

HA! If I want these people to die, I can.

ds-lite.jpgSomeone is going to need surgery if I cannot figure out how to get past Chapter 2: Awakening. I mean, this dude is all exploding aneurysms all the time. Get one fixed and two more show up and then five and then DEAD. I have killed this poor man about eleventy hundred times so far. I mean, you would think my beautiful DS that I love so much would just heal the dude so I can move on. But NO. It mocks me.

I am considering going back to the place I got the game, handing it over to the guy who convinced me I would enjoy it and make HIM get me through the level because try as I might, all I am doing is killing poor old Mario Kovac and his ginormous amounts of aneurysms. And really? That is just wrong.

Oh, and for the record, totally does get my mind of medical issues but totally does NOT relax me. Though, I have to admit, I am absolutely going to get this for the Wii. Maybe I can have better luck not killing him there. Or, if I do kill him, the blood will be way cooler on a bigger screen. (What? I am sick. And sick. So sue me.)

Maybe I should go get a soothing game like… Brain Age 2. (I am so dumb, it asked if I am too tired to play tonight.) Or Flash Focus. (“No, you idiot! That is NOT where the hidden ball is!“) I think I might be too slow for any of those tonight. (But I will tell you tomorrow how these games are making me dumber and slower. I am pretty sure that is not the point of them, but my brain? It is not normal.)

For now, I have to get to surgery. I am going to go try once again to not kill poor Mr. Kovac and his eleventy hundred aneurysms. (But I probably will. However, I have the perfect headstone for him!)

3 thoughts on “Paging Dr. O’Skill. Dr. Lack O’Skill.

  1. I got that game the day it came out and I have never gotten past that man. Try as I might, I killed him over and over. Even attempting to use the star motion to slow time did nothing but prolong his death unmercilessly.

  2. I could see where this game would be oddly relaxing. Maybe it is time to upgrade. I still just have a GBA.

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