Randomness…but random about me as I let my freak flag fly!

Randomness…but random about me as I let my freak flag fly!

I was double-tagged for a Meme. Granted it was because of NaBloMoFo (which I failed). Nevertheless, I am going to answer this one because:
(a) It IS all about me!
(b) It might give you some insight in to my particular crazy.
(c) Whenever I get a chance to let my freak flag fly—I take it!

Thanks to Daisy at Compost Happens and the Chronicler at Coopers Chronicles for thinking of me and not coming after me with pitchforks and blazing torches for taking so long to get to this.

So apparently they want to know 7 random or weird things about me. (Do you read my blog? Isn’t that what every entry accomplishes here?)

Ready? (I’ll ease you into this.)

1) I cannot stand to have unpolished toe nails. In fact, any woman with toe nails that do not have polish on them pretty much creeps me out. I don’t know why, but ….just put some polish on them. And yes, this does include in the Winter when no one even sees my toes. Trust me when I say they are definitely polished.

2) When I was growing up I used to throw gargantuan temper tantrums and lock myself in my room in tears on many occasions because of the whole adoption issue. Oh, I wasn’t adopted. My brother and sister were. Which made me the one who was different. Therefore, the one they were “stuck with” and not “chosen.” I am probably one of the few kids around who slammed her door screaming, “You don’t love me! Why didn’t you adopt me?!”

3) When I am driving across state lines, I have to pick up my feet as I cross the state line. You know when they have those little signs on the side of the road that say “Now entering ____?” Yep. I have to pick up my feet just before I get to it and not put them down until I pass that point. And, yes, this does include the times when I am the one driving. Many fights have broken out because I was asleep as a passenger and no one woke me up to tell me it was “State Line Time.” (For the record, I have actually passed this on to more than one of my friends who are now as obsessive about it as I am.)

4) I have a super power. Yes, I do. No, I cannot fly, read minds, bend steel or go invisible. However, I have a sense of smell that would put a blood hound to shame. I can walk into a room that seems okay to everyone else and immediately tell you if there is something not right. I have managed to stop at least one electrical fire that no one else knew was about to happen because I smelled the wires over heating. (Makes it hell for me at a seafood restaurant with SO MANY smells.) My hidden identity is Super Olfactory Girl.

5) I cannot stand the book Love You Forever. It does not make me cry. It does not make me sentimental. It kind of makes me worry a bit about stalking. I have 6 copies because of baby showers and the sentimental attachment people have to this book.

6) I have to sleep with a blanket. Always. It can be hotter than, well Texas in August, but I have to have a blanket. I don’t have to be completely covered up, but at least part of me does. Oh, and since we are on freak sleep issues, I cannot sleep if my hands are exposed. They are either under my pillow, under my head, under a blanket. Doesn’t matter. They are just not out in the open all bare and vulnerable. That is creepy.

7) I am terrified of sock monkeys. They really (really, really) freak me out. I am pretty sure I can trace this back to my brother tormenting me at night by hiding one in different places every night to scare me, but nevertheless, here I am at 38 and I am still freaked out by them. If you ever thought of giving me one…don’t. If you ever do, I will burn it. Burn that evil right out of it.

There you have it. My freak flag flying high. Did I scare ya? Now, I want to tag people, but I know that not everyone likes to do meme’s. Soooo, will YOU do this one for me and leave a comment that you did it? I want to get to know my readers better and see how free they are to fly their freak flags.

If you do decide (and you will) to do this, here is the low-down.

1- Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

2- Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.

3- Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

4- Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

15 thoughts on “Randomness…but random about me as I let my freak flag fly!

  1. I have to admit that I was thinking these weren’t so weird until I got to the sock monkey fact. Now that’s a little worrisome. But I’m the woman who was convinced that Lady Elaine from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood lived under my bed. I couldn’t dangle my feet from my bed until my 20s.

  2. I Love You Forever is the scariest book ever written. The picture of the man sitting in his old-lady mother’s lap is the worst. And the image of her crawling across the floor is not much better.
    I also used to lift my feet up going over state lines and railroad tracks.

  3. ok. so the toe thing is weird. But I have a similar thing for toe socks. They Creep me out.

    And I too play the state line game but we also do it when we drive over a bridge, so our feet don’t get wet…lol

  4. I absolutely share the need to have my toenails painted. At all times. Preferrably in an OPI color… which I choose based on the name of the color (’cause they are so groovy). Can’t imagine it any other way!

    Love the state line thing! Must try it on my next road trip somewhere outside of TX.

  5. “Love you forever” is stalkery to the extreme. If I were that man’s wife, I’d be changing the locks or something.

    BUT, my toenails are rarely painted. Au naturel, baby…

  6. I thought you were leading toward a psychic power there, not an olfactory overload! As to Love You, forever, people either love it or hate it. I don’t know anyone who feels neutral about it.

  7. My daughter got Love You Forever as a present from her aunt, so of course it became a book we had to read over and over. The first time I read it, and got to the first time the mom sings the song, I thought “oh, how cute!” then as the book progressed, my husband and I started giving each other looks like “what kind of f’ed up mother IS THIS?!” My daughter thought it was the best book ever for a few weeks, but thankfully she eventually forgot about it. I don’t know WHAT that author was thinking.

  8. I just did this for someone else. But I have to say…I agree with you on the sock monkeys…weird, weird little things!

  9. As I sat here reading through your strange facts I found myself giggling like a child. I’ve been asked to do this before too, but I can never think of 7 things about me that are strange. I’m sure if you ask my husband though he would think of more than that. Those things aren’t strange to me cause I do them without thinking about it, it’s part of me. Does that make me weird? Nope, that’s what makes me….me! (Sock Monkeys are really cute though!) =P

  10. I also have that superhuman smelling power. Sometimes it is very cool but around people with bad BO or horrible perfume it is just awful.

    Love You Forever has always creeped me out, and my kids too. It starts out all right but then goes right into freak land when she takes a ladder to his house and breaks into his bedroom. What?? And then she cradles the grown man and sings to him. Norman Bates, maybe? No wonder this guy wasn’t married.

    Thanks for making me laugh!

  11. Oh yay! Another creepy freak like me! I must sleep with a blanket and absolutely have to keep my hands covered. What is that all about anyway?

  12. OMG, Love You Forever is like 100 kinds of creepy! My niece and nephew have it and it will make my brother tear up when he reads it. My sister in law who cries at EVERYTHING? She laughs at it.

    The mom cradling a GROWN MAN! WTF?

    And I can’t believe I don’t have kids and know what the hell you’re talking about!

  13. I have been tagged for this one 4 or 5 times. Trying to think of freaky things about me that I haven’t already spilt my guts about!

    I have no idea what a sock monkey is, but I am too scared to google it cause so much of what you said is like me!

    I am a super sniffer too. And taster. Drives me IN-SANE!!! Especially in lifts. With all the perfume, aftershave, BO and coffee. Bletch.

    And what is so weird about lifting your feet at state lines? And going over train tracks. It’s a bitch when you are actually riding the train though!

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