Seriously? Stop.

Dear Stomach,

Disregard any kindness in my previous letter.  I hate you.  I would claw you out with my own fingernails if I didn’t think you were already trying to do the same thing from the inside.

In pain and fatigue,

~Writhing girl


  1. Oh, you poor thing. I hope your stomach escapes and you’re back on your way to health soon.

  2. Poor baby. Get well soon!

  3. Hope you feel better soon. Stomach troubles are always BAD NEWS!

  4. Pepto. Immodium. Oh, um, Pedialyte? My dad used to swear by Gatorade when he was sick.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Much better. Very soon.

  5. Oh I hope you feel better soon! I’ve tagged you as part of the NaBloPoMo random facts meme. See my blog for details! Thank you.

  6. Wow, still going? That has gotta be some serious bug you got there. Or did you do what I did and eat food court Indian?

    One huge bonus. Heaving up your guts works out your abs! Yay! Exercise! A week more of heavin’ and you can start trying out for those weightlifting chicks comps!

  7. Ohh! Hope you feel better!

  8. Oh, poor thing. Get better soon. Maybe some peppermint tea? or Ginger Tea?

  9. Ouch! I hope you’re feeling better.

  10. OMG, you! – feel better soon, Jenn!

  11. Nothing worse then a bad stomach..try ginger ale when your able to drink something.

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

  12. When your tummy gives up its hold on you, and if you ever feel like blogging again, I’ve tagged you with a meme. If you so desire, details are on Compost Happens.

  13. Oh no, hope you feel better soon!

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