You say it’s your birthday! It’s my birthday, too!

A “dear friend” of mine, sent this to me today and it totally cracked me up. I had to share it with you and all of my Scorpio friends who have had recent birthdays. (Ahem…Jen, my– soon to be partner in crime– in a super awesome project. And Mrs. Kinder.)

[Update: And I could never forget one of my good friends who celebrates tomorrow. Happy early birthday, Rob!]

I am off to shop and do other things. I will mention the other things later. Have a great day!

For Wendy. She and I share the same birthday and each year we try to beat each other to the punch and send each other this song. And try to be creative. Sometimes voicemail. Sometimes email. Sometimes blasted on the radio. Today, I totally got the blog thing covered. So, Wendy…I WIN!


  1. Happy Birthday, lady! 🙂

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!

  3. Hey, Happy Birthday! to You and to Wendy

  4. Happy Birthday Jenn! Have fun.

  5. I bow to you Jenn!!! I’m not worthy….I’m not worthy….
    Happy Birthday Sister-Friend!! Love ya.

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