Back in school– What a wonderful world

Back in school– What a wonderful world

The kids? They are back in school.

Is there anything more to add to that? Well, perhaps this:

4 thoughts on “Back in school– What a wonderful world

  1. Sort of like that wonderful STAPLES commercial!
    I was looking forward to that going back to school day and wound up with a child who is still home. As much as it would be nice to be back to the schedule – staying home and watching wonderful dvds with my daughter has been a lot of fun. The problem – eating around the clock as we’ve been in with no reason to get dressed or put on make-up. The most I’ve done is to take a few showers. If you haven’t watched Goldie Hawn’s Private Benjamin in awhile – it’s time!

  2. Amen! Mine went back on Monday, too. Peanut begins her school career on Friday when she turns 3. I’ll have all three in school in the a.m. by next week. What to do? Oh yeah, still have those darn daycare kids! Next school year though …. I can’t wait! No more daycare AND kids in school. Woo-hoo!

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