Because if I wet my pants laughing, you should, too

Because if I wet my pants laughing, you should, too

Okay, I did first see this on Ellen and then proceeded to laugh until I cried. I may have even wet my pants a little. My kids, however, looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Seriously? I mean who doesn’t see the humor in this? They really didn’t think it was funny. (If you don’t, I would ask why, but my bigger question would have to be…are you okay?) However, when I went to YouTube to find it, I realized due to time restraints, Ellen only showed the blue team competing. This shows both teams in this fierce battle to snag the winning marshmallow.

Cannot. Watch. Anymore. I still laugh and cry each time.

Funny? Not funny? Seriously funny.

The tongue guy on the blue team? Chasing the marshmallow? I have no idea what is going on, but adding my own commentary to the action makes it even funnier. But then again, I like to add my own dialogue on Kung Fu movies as well. And especially like doing that on Ninja Warrior. (Here is a sample of the excitement that IS Ninja Warrior.) Why? Because I am easily amused!


There you have it. My dark secret. I add my own verbal subtitles to shows that are not in English. Because I can.

3 thoughts on “Because if I wet my pants laughing, you should, too

  1. That was bad….I have to admit it was hilarious though. Wow the things that pass for entertainment in other countries is amazing sometimes!

  2. Please tell me these people are not Chinese? Japanese? politicians, in charge of anything resembling important in their country, whatever it is.

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