Crazy is as crazy does videos and speaking of crazy, Mommybloggers is back and rocking the ‘Net

Crazy is as crazy does videos and speaking of crazy, Mommybloggers is back and rocking the ‘Net

I have been sent a few links to “interview videos” this weekend that are awesome. I want so badly to share every one of them with you because with the exception of one that was serious, you would so get a kick out of the crazy! I love the crazy. Especially the couch jumping, I am out of my mind crazy kind of crazy. The things you can find online boggles the mind.

But, I will refrain from the video overload and just show you this brand of crazy.

If for some reason you have been living under a rock and missed the parody of the Tom Cruise Scientology Video, here is Jerry O’Connell doing a “it is so good it is scary” imitation.

In other news, Mommybloggers is back and rocking the house. We have not officially relaunched as we have much to do, but you will find new content, new writers and new newness there. When we are ready to officially relaunch, we will let you know. It is a blast and we want you to enjoy it, too. Have ideas? Interested in being featured? Know a blogger who really wants to be a part of this? Feel free to send what you have in mind to me at I look forward to hearing from y’all.

Now scoot on over there to Mommybloggers and welcome Crystal aboard. She is awesome and has become my right hand woman. (And let Jenny know you miss her and blow her kisses as she asked to be on hiatus from the site for a while.)

You will slowly see the new writers and new features as we roll them out. So to speak. We aren’t really rolling anything over there. It is all legal.

We are so going to kick some ass, baby!

7 thoughts on “Crazy is as crazy does videos and speaking of crazy, Mommybloggers is back and rocking the ‘Net

  1. Ahhh, excellent parody. Good for an early morning laugh at Cruise’s expense, yet again.

    Glad to hear Mommybloggers is making a comeback. Good reading material is a must while elbow deep in poop and Nemo!

  2. You so have to see the Tom Cruise one in double speed. Boo was doing it and it was hysterical and terrifying all at the same time….

    Oh how I wish to be a Mommy Blogger. However on more than one occasion I have been referred to as the anti Mommy Blogger.

    Badge or insult? I am not quite sure 😉

  3. I’ve never heard of Mommy Bloggers. I must have found Mommy Needs Coffee during the down time. I hunted around the sight and it looks pretty cool. I’ve subscribed already. If you think anything I write might fit, I would be interested. (I’m not sure where I fit.)

  4. Funny video! TFS! Also, I’m so excited about the relaunch of Mommy Bloggers. Yay!! I’ll keep checking back!

  5. Hey, Jenn! Delighted to see the rebirth of Mommy Bloggers! That’s terrific news!

  6. Loved the parody video. It’s starts the day out with a nice touch of the absurd. Looking forward to the new Mommybloggers!

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