Global Belly Laugh Day and Mom’s Birthday. What a match!

Global Belly Laugh Day and Mom’s Birthday. What a match!

Today is my Mom’s birthday. This day usually hits me harder than the anniversary of when she died. I suppose because birthdays celebrate life. And my mom? She was so very full of life! She and laughter went hand in hand. Two years ago I was at a stage where I was searching for signs–any signs– that things would get better. That I could remember her life and not crumble into dust and blow away. It was around that time I got a wonderful email addressing that issue.

January 24, 2006 was the first celebration of the great gift of laughter. In June, 2005 I thought we celebrate love, give thanks. Why don’t we celebrate the great gift of laughter? Thus Belly Laugh Day was born. A day to celebrate past laughter and connect with positive laughter.

Yes, my friends, today is Global Belly Laugh Day!

On January 24, at 1:24 p.m. (local time)
smile, throw your arms in the air and laugh out loud!

It makes me smile that on my Mom’s birthday there is a real holiday (It is legit and actually listed in the 2008 Chase’s Calendar of Events published by McGraw Hill.) A day for laughter on the day one of the funniest people I know was born? Perfect.

Many thanks to Elaine for emailing me every year before this event to check up on me, tell me she is thinking of my mom on her birthday and to remind me to laugh. (I will be!)

Will you laugh with me? I could use the company. Join me! At 1:24pm (your local time) I want you to join in with me and throw your arms in the air and laugh out loud. Who cares who is looking. Laugh. They will join in. Maybe they will be laughing at you, but they will be laughing!

Now in case you just need a good laugh, rather than tell you a knock-knock joke, I will share this. Now come on…this should make you at the very least giggle.

6 thoughts on “Global Belly Laugh Day and Mom’s Birthday. What a match!

  1. It’s been 9 years, but it is still hard for me to remember Mom’s birthday. My mom’s birthday was the 20th, and I recalled that 30 yrs ago this year my sister had to call and remind me (whilst I was at college)to call Mom on her birthday. I never forgot again. What made it worse was my brother’s e-mail that Dad no longer remembered his only living brother, who had come to visit him on that day. Dad’s soon to be 91 and, until the last year or so, he’s been very active and healthy. You know this is what is comming, but you still hope against hope that it won’t.

  2. Even though I am a day late (and a dollar short, as my mom would say) I am truly in need of a good belly laugh. I’m off to find some funny videos.

  3. That was too precious! Made me lol and smile so big! I’ve GOT to go find my video of my daughter making my son laugh like that when he was a baby! (he’s 10 now!!!!) Happy Belly Laugh Day to you then and only happy funny thoughts for you and your mom! Thanks for the post!

  4. Jenn…at 1:24 today I will be on the phone with my mom and she and I will both laugh our asses off in your mom’s honor!! What a blessing for you and her.

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