How would you like $25,000 for a room make-over?

How would you like $25,000 for a room make-over?

Do you need to “Relax, Renew, and Restore?” I know I certainly do!


As we go through our whirlwind days as Moms we are busier than ever trying to balance it all. We juggle daily tasks inside and outside of our homes, trying to succeed in every task we undertake. Whew! We at Mom Central know that Moms everywhere often just need a breather! (Can a get an Amen from the Moms?) Amidst all of our priorities, however, it’s easy to forget that relaxing isn’t just a privilege — it’s a necessity! MomCentralhas teamed up with Kimberly-Clark in a “Room-A-Day Giveaway” sweepstakes that encourages moms to “Relax, Renew, and Restore.”

The sweepstakes is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark (you know them by products such as Huggies, Kleenex, Pull-ups, all things all of us use…) and Kimberly-Clark products and brands offer solutions to clean, organize and beautify every room in your home. From January 28 to February 15, one person per weekday will be announced on The View and win $25,000 to renovate any room in their house. The final contestant winner will be announced March 21st on the Room-a-Day Giveaway web site.

What are you waiting for? Go here to the Room-A-Day giveaway contest site and enter. Daily.

Who of us doesn’t need a new room make-over? I know I could use one. (Though I am not eligible to enter, I will drool over your win if one of my readers wins AND will expect an invite to come play in your new room!)

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I turned down any compensation for this contest announcement because I think that my readers deserve to win something so awesome! Yes, for you, my readers, I sacrifice these things!

3 thoughts on “How would you like $25,000 for a room make-over?

  1. This is Great! A wonderful positive up lift to all.I still have two days thatmy name might be picked!! But if not, congradulations to all the winners. PS. The View now is the best it’s ever been. Whoopie has the special talent to bring the best out of others—reminds me of Johnny Carson, he was a master. Also, Joy seems so very much happier with her job and all the hostess of The View. I thank you for the privelage of being able to write you. Hugs to the gang, Damser Huron

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