If your ears bled on Friday, I apologize on behalf of my daughter and her SQUEALS.

Last night, my daughter had her first sleep over with her best friend here at our home. I have been used to boys. Loud. Stinky. Rough housing boys. I have been trained to barely look up from what I am doing to bellow out a “Not so rough, boys!” or “Don’t play ball in the house!” (Yes, I do quote Carol Brady from time to time. And you?) I know that they will be loud and rough. Breakables are relocated etc. Food fully stocked, restocked and stashed because boys? They eat. A lot.
But this girl thing? Totally different.

There were movies with boys who “are so cute” and I was asked to “watch us sing and dance.” Performances. My brain could not compute this strange new world. I never had to bellow “Not so rough!” There was not a time where I came into the room and quivered in fear and shuddered over the strange and horrible aroma that permeated the room.

But there is something you moms did not warm me about. (I know. I never told you there would be a sleep over or you might have.)

The SQUEALS. (Totally deserves all caps.)

I know girls squeal. It isn’t like my daughter is growing up in a bubble. She has friends over and they squeal. But at night? When they are tired? They SQUEAL. At one point I am sure there were dogs in Kenya crying over the pitch emitted. Now I understand the constant “request” of my parents to stop squealing. (My ears will stop bleeding soon.)

However, there was another amazing thing about having a girl sleep over. I can play. They want me to actually be there with them. I am not Mooooooom! I am Mom! I loved this strange new world of a girl sleep over. I just wish we had pulled out the clips and nail polish and gone all out.

But I think I am saving that for next time.

This girl thing? So far, not so bad having a daughter. I think I am going to keep her.


  1. I haven’t experienced this yet as my oldest is a tomboy and does not squeal. She and her friend are too busy playing video games which I don’t relate too. Now when my 5 year old gets a little older I’ll have to try to remember this warning and buy some ear plugs.

  2. It’s like the Grinch: “Oh, the squeals, squeals, squeals, squeals!”

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