My dangling chad will be informed this election year. Educate yours, too.

My dangling chad will be informed this election year. Educate yours, too.

I have mentioned before that I don’t really get political here. Who I vote for is between me and my dangling chad. But this election? This election has me absolutely fascinated. I have actually enjoyed watching bloggers talk about the issues. I have learned a lot from following some of the political blogs and listening to all sides and supporters of all the candidates. I will admit I have hidden under my desk in fear over some of the shove this down your throat tactics that some bloggers take. Because seriously? You people scare the snot out of me! But overall? Overall, this has been the most fascinating election year I can remember. And I am old enough to remember many.

I was reading a post yesterday by Julie of Mothergoosemouse that was incredible. She grabbed me by the title alone. (Because? Hello? That is me!) Her post titled I still don’t know who’ll get my vote, but at least I know why I don’t know is really a must read if you are even partially following this election process. And how can you not be? Even a little.

Julie brings up a great point in that even if you don’t know who will get your vote and you have not aligned behind one person, you may not know exactly why.

That is one of the things that fascinates me this time around. This time, I won’t vote by party, popularity or because of any other reason that doesn’t focus on issues that are important to me. I will confess to you, I have rarely fully (and I mean fully) researched candidates before I have voted for them. Sometimes I vote with the “who is the lesser of two evils” mentality, yet still not fully knowing where candidates stand on all of the issues that matter to me.

I love that history is being made. I love that because there are such strong opinions and such strong candidates that people are talking about it. Talking about issues…not simply mud-slinging. Oh, sure, there is the mud, but that is to be expected. It just seems that this go around, there is conversation. Real conversation. And that, my friends, will get my informed (and opinionated) butt to the polls.

I may not know which candidate will get my vote, but I do know that when I decide it will be the most educated political decision of my voting life. As it should be.

7 thoughts on “My dangling chad will be informed this election year. Educate yours, too.

  1. I completely agree. Politics is one issue I wont blog on. But this race is getting pretty interesting. I cant wait to see what the future has in store. Great looking blog by the way.

  2. I’ll read it,I feel the same frustration. I wonder if we’ll ever take our country back. 100 years ago we were a prospering nation with no national debt..Now we are almost second world and not appreciated or respected by many anywhere…What can we do?

    My best,

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

  3. I, too, am still undecided. This is rare for me to still be undecided two weeks before my state’s primary. But now that Edwards has pulled out of the race, it narrows my choices considerably. But is that good or bad? Again, I haven’t decided yet.

  4. It IS hard deciding this year — yet is is wondeful to have such an invigorating, energetic, and exciting campaign for presidency. No matter where my final vote lands, the whole process is refreshing compared to my enthusiasm for presidential politics in recent elections. Nice post!

  5. I also got a lot out of Julie’s post, which includes a spreadsheet that she made to help her figure out her positions on the issues vs the candidates’. And, as she stated in the post, she will email a copy to anyone who thinks she may benefit from using it (I’ve got mine and will give it a good runthrough before Super Tuesday.)

  6. I have a hard time deciding as well. I admit I don’t try hard, but finding objective information is difficult. Plus candidates sometimes tell you what you want to hear to get in office! I can’t believe it. My dad was so upset when he voted on a certain issue and then the president didn’t follow through. I wanted so bad to say DUH! to him, but it is my dad.

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