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Month: February 2008

Guy Kawasaki said I am Tops. (Okay he said a lot of others are, too but this is my blog.)

Guy Kawasaki said I am Tops. (Okay he said a lot of others are, too but this is my blog.)

Back in 2006 when Guy Kawasaki listed his Ultimate Mommy Blog List and I found both Mommy Needs Coffee and Mommybloggers on it, I was overjoyed. I think my response was “Holy crap! Guy Kawasaki reads (or fakes reading) Mommy Blogs!” It was a momentous occasaion. So much so that I do believe that when I met him at BlogHer I threw myself at his feet and offered to have his Internet baby. (Really, Guy, that wasn’t me but my evil–and way too forward– alter ego.) Since then, I have stalked admired Guy and everything he does. Well, online at least because he is in California and I am in Texas. The airfare to personally stalk admire him would be too much for my measly ad revenue dollars to handle. But I would if I could. And if the law allowed that kind of thing.

Now Guy has a new brain child. (Not to be confused with the Internet Baby I offered.) This is a website aggregating “all the top sites on the web.” Moms included. And? Both Mommy Needs Coffee and Mommybloggers made this list as well. And the other bloggers on that list? They rock. So, I am honored he added my two baby blogs. (I can so be humble. I am good at that. Wait. Does that negate the previous comment?)

I am assuming he has since forgotten the whole “throwing myself at his feet and declaring all loyalty to the man who is Guy Kawasaki.” I am pondering making a badge declaring my “Guy Says I Have One of The Top Sites on the Web” status. No, not a badge for my blog, but for me to wear with my ultra-hip Mom Uniform. (Men dig women who wear badges. Or at least they did when I was a Girl Scout before that unfortunate getting kicked out of Scouts due to excessive talking incident of the mid-70’s.)

Of course, to be fair he added other categories, too. You know, to cover up his love and devotion reserved for the mom blogger. I have found many new and amazing sites just going there and reading who he has chosen. In fact, I may just start a few new blogs to see if he will add those, too. Or not.

The point is, you too can stalk admire Guy and his way cool site. Go. Now. Find new blogs. (But come back. I need all 6 of my readers to come back and make me feel all important and stuff. Guy can’t carry that load alone. And? I probably scare him a little.)

New York Times readers show up and I didn’t even clean the place up first.

New York Times readers show up and I didn’t even clean the place up first.

If you are here courtesy of the New York Times article featuring Anita Renfoe, welcome. Here are links to her “Total Momsense” video and the lyrics to “Total Momsense” as well. But most importantly, be sure to visit Anita Renfroe’s website for more fun!

I have had an email stalking relationship with her since I found her video online and I can honestly tell you, she is one of the kindest women I have met online. And I have been doing this for years. In fact, we are currently in negotiations for the status of BFF and have agreed to hammer out details over a cup of coffee–time and location permitting.

But, while you are here, feel free to peruse the blog and the archives. It’s not like I am impressed you are here from the NYT Magazine or anything (yes I am) or want you to stay (yes I do) but more importantly, I want you to feel welcome. (But, really? Use a coaster because getting those water rings out of a blog is tough!)

Censored- Confessions of the Unsaid

Censored- Confessions of the Unsaid

I first saw this on Karen’s blog, Karen Sugarpants, who credited Avitable for the idea where of course I followed many links to other people who grabbed this one and ran with it.

They both wrote a post of ten things they wish they could say (or should say) to people.It was harder than I thought it would be because I am one to actually say what I think to the people around me. (For better or for worse.)

What do you wish you could say to someone? Here are mine:

1. Did you really think your words would not get back to me? I was madder than hell to find out that you were behind the insanity, but I forgive you because I realize it all worked out for the best. Now? Now I am just sad for you.

2. I wish I could understand why you did the things you did to me. I tried so hard not to be resentful or bitter towards you because that hurts me more than you, but I am still struggling with that. You hurt me down to the soul. Do you have any idea how much you hurt me? Do you even care?

3. You are a wonderful, talented person who offers the people around you so much. I wish you could love yourself as much as you are loved. You would be so much happier.

4. I will never understand why you take the people who support you and do your best to destroy them. They support you. They are not trying to compete with you. Can’t you do the same in return?

5. I have always thought you were too good for me. I still do.

6. I miss your friendship. We laughed, cried and shared so much in such a short time but you always make me smile. We haven’t talked in ages. I wouldn’t even know how to reach out to you at this point, but know that I wish you well. And would love to talk to you again.

7. I’m sorry. Really sorry.

8. Stand up for yourself. You have so much to offer but you just don’t let people see the real you. I like the real you. I wish you did.

9. You have been a blessing in my life. Do you know that? I really hope you know that.

10. If you had to live through some of the things I have lived through, you might not be so quick to judge me. Just think about that the next time you dismiss someone’s happiness as fake. Maybe that person has just learned to love life– in spite of it.

Your turn. What would you say if you could– or should– say it.

Declare Yourself

Declare Yourself


Seriously? Being a gamer and loving Wanda Sykes, this cracked me up. (Wait for the end. I am going to have to start using that phrase when I get my butt kicked on WoW.)

Declare Your Safe Place (and then yourself)

Declare Your Safe Place (and then yourself)

Oh! Oh! And this one! I am all about finding my happy/safe/relaxed place…no matter how long it takes. (And with some of the people in my life? It takes a while!)

Shake it out! Shake it out! Shake it out! HA! (How did she know that I do that about eleventy hundred times a day? Weird that she nailed it like that. Now go ahead. Try to get that image out of your head of me doing that all day long.)

Okay, just go to Declare Yourself and find the ones you like. Remember. You have the right to vote. Use it.

YAMU* Hair, there, every-ware

YAMU* Hair, there, every-ware

*Yet Another Mandatory Update

Forgive me Internets (and Big “Brother”) for I have sinned against the system. It has been 5 days since my last entry. I feel shame. Remorse. Regret. Fear. I quiver at the very thought that I have let you down. I shall bear the mark of shame and the scarlet letter S (for slacker of course) until such time as…oh screw it. It is my blog and I am going to do with it what I want. But readers…you I want to please. So here I am!

Title confusing enough for you? Let me share. (See? Totally rhymes with the rest of it!)

Hair. I have a new hair situation going on. I would say style, but that sounds so Stepford. I would do hair-do, but that sounds so grandmother. So, we shall call it a situation. My stylists says it is a good warning as you meet me. Red. Passionate red. With a bit of blonde thrown in because of my blond moments and because blondes do have a lot of fun! Wanna see?

Jenn Red Hair

I am loving it. I will try to get a better angle, but for now, it is fun. The “don’t jack with me because I have a temper and passion that will mess you up” of the red combined with the “Let’s party” of the blonde make the perfect mix for me right now.

There. I am working a lot more over at Mommybloggers. We are growing and changing and adding new people every day. In fact, in honor of our relaunch (coming to an Internet near you), we are offering great deals for advertisers on the site. For premium advertising on a one on one basis. Personal. No affiliation necessary. Anyway, more important than that, I just cross posted something over there and would love to have your take on it. Have you been in that position before? Care to share? (Again? With the rhymes?)

Ware. Now here is where you have to stretch with me. Ware as in gaming ware. Hardware. Software. It has been a whirlwind weekend of gaming systems. From PC (I am having one helluva a good time again with WoW. I have gone from “Everyone has time to play and I never get to so I am going to quit” to “No, honey, YOU feed the kids and get them to bed because mama has a warlock to level.” Not that I do that every day, but seriously? Why can’t I be the one to get lost in a game that entertains me for hours? Why–when the kids have two parents living at home that are capable– am I the one who has to put anything I want to do on hold? Answer? I don’t. So I have started a warlock and she is now level 21 (and a half.) If you play, let me know and we can talk more. Sorry about the gaming talk, non gamers whose eyes just glazed over.

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