Guy Kawasaki said I am Tops. (Okay he said a lot of others are, too but this is my blog.)

Guy Kawasaki said I am Tops. (Okay he said a lot of others are, too but this is my blog.)

Back in 2006 when Guy Kawasaki listed his Ultimate Mommy Blog List and I found both Mommy Needs Coffee and Mommybloggers on it, I was overjoyed. I think my response was “Holy crap! Guy Kawasaki reads (or fakes reading) Mommy Blogs!” It was a momentous occasaion. So much so that I do believe that when I met him at BlogHer I threw myself at his feet and offered to have his Internet baby. (Really, Guy, that wasn’t me but my evil–and way too forward– alter ego.) Since then, I have stalked admired Guy and everything he does. Well, online at least because he is in California and I am in Texas. The airfare to personally stalk admire him would be too much for my measly ad revenue dollars to handle. But I would if I could. And if the law allowed that kind of thing.

Now Guy has a new brain child. (Not to be confused with the Internet Baby I offered.) This is a website aggregating “all the top sites on the web.” Moms included. And? Both Mommy Needs Coffee and Mommybloggers made this list as well. And the other bloggers on that list? They rock. So, I am honored he added my two baby blogs. (I can so be humble. I am good at that. Wait. Does that negate the previous comment?)

I am assuming he has since forgotten the whole “throwing myself at his feet and declaring all loyalty to the man who is Guy Kawasaki.” I am pondering making a badge declaring my “Guy Says I Have One of The Top Sites on the Web” status. No, not a badge for my blog, but for me to wear with my ultra-hip Mom Uniform. (Men dig women who wear badges. Or at least they did when I was a Girl Scout before that unfortunate getting kicked out of Scouts due to excessive talking incident of the mid-70’s.)

Of course, to be fair he added other categories, too. You know, to cover up his love and devotion reserved for the mom blogger. I have found many new and amazing sites just going there and reading who he has chosen. In fact, I may just start a few new blogs to see if he will add those, too. Or not.

The point is, you too can stalk admire Guy and his way cool site. Go. Now. Find new blogs. (But come back. I need all 6 of my readers to come back and make me feel all important and stuff. Guy can’t carry that load alone. And? I probably scare him a little.)

13 thoughts on “Guy Kawasaki said I am Tops. (Okay he said a lot of others are, too but this is my blog.)

  1. Margalit, I am sorry you feel that way. (And promise not to take it personally that you lumped me in.) However, having met Guy personally and know of his work and his support of women and mom bloggers, I have nothing but respect for him. Have you read or followed him beyond one day of Twitter?

    Have you contacted him to be on the list? Did you see the original list it came from to understand why so many are/were BlogHers? Have you actually talked to Guy himself about it?

    Just a few questions to ponder if you feel it is about popularity.

  2. I looked at Alltop a couple of weeks ago when it was announced and I was VERY disappointed to see that almost every mommy blog was a ‘popular’ blogher blogger. I mean, couldn’t he at least make an ATTEMPT to reach beyond the regular same old same old and find some new blogs? Especially since some of the blogs on his list are defunct, some are never updated, and some have MORE than enough traffic.

    I think this is just one more instance of a popularity contest, where Guy chose what he was familiar with or what was recommended to him rather than to make an honest attempt to find the many many WONDERFUL mom blogs that are constantly ignored.

    And after reading some of his twitters today, I’d rather NOT be on his list. He’s a tad bit sexist.

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  3. Alltop is COOL! Leave it to Guy to think of something so groovy.

    I call him Guy because even though he doesn’t know it, we’ve been on a first name basis since I used to be on his Mac Evangelist email list about a hundred years ago.

    Guy. Rocks. The. Internet.

    (But he needs to add to the green section!)

    Izzy’s last blog post..Friday Flashback: Under the Iron Bridge, We Kissed…

  4. I just spent over an hour looking at all the Mom blogs. 🙂 Good stuff! Congrats on being on the list!

  5. PMG. I can’t go there. I can’t. I CAN’T get hooked on anymore cool blogs. You people are feeding my addiction. AAAAAHHHHH!

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