New York Times readers show up and I didn’t even clean the place up first.

If you are here courtesy of the New York Times article featuring Anita Renfoe, welcome. Here are links to her “Total Momsense” video and the lyrics to “Total Momsense” as well. But most importantly, be sure to visit Anita Renfroe’s website for more fun!

I have had an email stalking relationship with her since I found her video online and I can honestly tell you, she is one of the kindest women I have met online. And I have been doing this for years. In fact, we are currently in negotiations for the status of BFF and have agreed to hammer out details over a cup of coffee–time and location permitting.

But, while you are here, feel free to peruse the blog and the archives. It’s not like I am impressed you are here from the NYT Magazine or anything (yes I am) or want you to stay (yes I do) but more importantly, I want you to feel welcome. (But, really? Use a coaster because getting those water rings out of a blog is tough!)


  1. Well, gee. You only serve me Cheeze Whiz when I come by and all these people get all the nice stuff.

    Busy Mom’s last blog post..Busy D. is in da’ house

  2. Get ’em folding the laundry too.

    Kelley’s last blog post..Just call me Nadia. Or Ms Comaneci.

  3. I have a youtube video of Anita singing the Mom Overture at my blog! She’s really great!

    Julie Stiles Mills’s last blog post..freedom to be different

  4. So – how does it feel to be famous?

    What a great video!!

  5. How funny! I think she’s so good because she takes what so many of us think and puts it on stage. No wonder we mom-blogger types love her! And love you, too!

    Daisy’s last blog post..Fur Elise is not for amateurs

  6. Hi! I’m a mom who reads the New York Times, and other trashy stuff. What a delight to find your blog. I’ll be tuning in–many thanks!

  7. I just want to say how fun it is to see the name of a blog I already read in the New York Times. Congrats.

    Lisse’s last blog post..Living la vida Boca

  8. Oh, lucky you! I do think she is SOOO gifted. We tried to get in touch with her booking agent last year and NEVER heard from them. So, let Anita know that there are about 1000 women in the Houston area that are hoping we can figure out how to get her to a theater near here!

    Sorry I have been a “lurker” lately, things have been busy but I have been reading!

    Hugs- Erin

    Erin – ExpectingExecutive’s last blog post..Snipshot – Friday Fave, Webites Tools You Will Use and Love

  9. Congrats on the NYT publicity

    Crystal Point’s last blog post..Man Struck, Killed By Subway Train

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