YAMU* Can this be the woman running for President rather than the other one who is?

YAMU* Can this be the woman running for President rather than the other one who is?

*Yet Another Mandatory Update

I really like Michelle Obama. I love to listen to her speak. I think she is passionate, articulate and sincere. If her husband becomes the Democratic nominee and goes all the way to the White House, I want to hear what she has to say. I want to see what she can and will do as First Lady. I want to listen to her thoughts, her opinions and…well, her.

People have either flat out said it or implied that as a woman it is time–nay my duty– to support a woman for President. You know the rhetoric: Vote with your uterus not with your mind! I would do back flips to see a woman in office. Just not so much the one running in this election.


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(Sidenote: This is not a statement that I am either endorsing or opposing Barack Obama. It is merely my personal lovefest with Michelle Obama. But really? If it is time for change and time for a woman, I am just saying that this is one woman I would happily get behind. Her or Angelina Jolie. Because? She would just adopt all of the people of America who need her help and then? We would all be happy Jolie-Pitts.)

17 thoughts on “YAMU* Can this be the woman running for President rather than the other one who is?

  1. I’m just sorry I don’t live in the US so I could weigh in for Go-BAMA! People all over the world are watching this election with bated breath hoping for an end to the insanity of the last few years.

  2. I’m with Aruni. I’ve been pretty blase about the electoral possibilities until recently, when it has finally dawned on me that a spectacular and long overdue historical event is about to take place, and we all get to witness it. How lucky we are!

  3. Whatever happens I am just thrilled that I am alive to see the day that a woman and a Black man are running for the Presidency of the US.

    In this day and age the background and experience of the spouses is important because from where I stand I see more relationships that are partnerships rather than one sided.

  4. Thank you for sharing the video. I don’t know much about Michelle Obama and although I am voting for Clinton (if she gets the nomination), I’m interested to hear what she has to say.

    Joanne’s last blog post..Join Our Adoption Forums!

  5. Mrs. Obama has it quite easy compared to everybody else. For some reason she doesn’t get challenged for what she says as the wife (or husband) of every other candidate. She gets a free ride from all the reporters and other candidates, because any challenge to her is considered a racial attack.

    I’m not saying she isn’t a good speaker, I’m just saying it is far easier to be one when you don’t get challenged or questioned for everything you say.

  6. Mrs. Obama is a very eloquent speaker. She is right that no child should have his/her dreams crushed because of other people’s limited expectations. HOWEVER, I do not think we should vote for her husband just because it would give hope to many children in America and around the world. That is absolutely ridiculous. It is not the President’s job to instill confidence in the nation’s children and fix their inner turmoil. Parents, friends, and mentors are much better suited for that job.
    In all fairness to Mrs. Obama, I only saw a short clip of her entire speech. It would be interesting to hear why she believes her husband is qualified to preside over our country.

  7. I am also eager to see a female president, but not Hillary Clinton in particular, so I don’t blame you for feeling that way.

    Then again, I’m a man, so I guess it’s not the same– my uterus has been remarkably silent so far on the presidential race.

  8. I am putting up a pro-Obama post tomorrow. Part of it includes words for the rhetoric about voting with our uterus, that if we are talking about who “deserves it more” and gets more “hard knocks,” certainly it is black man over any white woman in America.

    Having said that, it’s not as if I dislike Clinton (I hate calling her Hillary – *that* feels sexist).

  9. If Angelina adopted all the people of America, I can pretty much guarantee a major upsurge in breastfeeding proponents.

  10. Michelle is definitely my favorite spouse, but of course I love her hubbie too. Even if I didn’t support Obama, though, I would still really like Michelle. She is super-intelligent, accomplished in her own right, and from what I understand, regularly takes her husband’s ego down a notch.

  11. About 16 years ago, there was a First Lady I really admired. I liked her better than her husband, the candidate. Now? I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for when our primary rolls around in two weeks. That is, provided there’s still a race.

  12. Oooh yes Angelina all the way. Then Brad can say to me ‘Who’s your daddy!’

    Bwaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaaaa!!!

    I am in Australia and your election antics (sheesh they go on forever!!!) are a top news story.

    Betcha you didn’t even know that we have a new Prime Minister? Oh, wait, wasn’t he on Jay Leno???? For Eating. His. Earwax. Yeah, quality guy there, but better than the last one.

  13. Marsha: I completely agree that you should not vote for someone based on their spouse. I really do! I am just admitting that I like Michelle Obama. If I was voting on family alone that would be ignorant. (Though McCain’s mom is one rockin’ broad!)

    Completely, totally and adamantly agree that any and ALL votes need to be based on issues not race or gender. Personality? Well, that goes a long way when it comes to politics and trust. That being said, I still am not saying what candidate I am behind. (It could surprise a lot of people!) I am merely sharing my opinion on this particular candidate’s spouse. I could do that with Hillary Clinton’s spouse, but….well, no. I had my chance to do that for 8 years.

  14. I think you should vote for the person you think will do the best job of resolving the issues that are most important to you. Regardless of that person’s personality, race, gender, or whatever. I don’t think I agree that you should vote for someone because you like or dislike their spouse? I mean I really like Laura Bush…

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