YAMU* Hair, there, every-ware

YAMU* Hair, there, every-ware

*Yet Another Mandatory Update

Forgive me Internets (and Big “Brother”) for I have sinned against the system. It has been 5 days since my last entry. I feel shame. Remorse. Regret. Fear. I quiver at the very thought that I have let you down. I shall bear the mark of shame and the scarlet letter S (for slacker of course) until such time as…oh screw it. It is my blog and I am going to do with it what I want. But readers…you I want to please. So here I am!

Title confusing enough for you? Let me share. (See? Totally rhymes with the rest of it!)

Hair. I have a new hair situation going on. I would say style, but that sounds so Stepford. I would do hair-do, but that sounds so grandmother. So, we shall call it a situation. My stylists says it is a good warning as you meet me. Red. Passionate red. With a bit of blonde thrown in because of my blond moments and because blondes do have a lot of fun! Wanna see?

Jenn Red Hair

I am loving it. I will try to get a better angle, but for now, it is fun. The “don’t jack with me because I have a temper and passion that will mess you up” of the red combined with the “Let’s party” of the blonde make the perfect mix for me right now.

There. I am working a lot more over at Mommybloggers. We are growing and changing and adding new people every day. In fact, in honor of our relaunch (coming to an Internet near you), we are offering great deals for advertisers on the site. For premium advertising on a one on one basis. Personal. No affiliation necessary. Anyway, more important than that, I just cross posted something over there and would love to have your take on it. Have you been in that position before? Care to share? (Again? With the rhymes?)

Ware. Now here is where you have to stretch with me. Ware as in gaming ware. Hardware. Software. It has been a whirlwind weekend of gaming systems. From PC (I am having one helluva a good time again with WoW. I have gone from “Everyone has time to play and I never get to so I am going to quit” to “No, honey, YOU feed the kids and get them to bed because mama has a warlock to level.” Not that I do that every day, but seriously? Why can’t I be the one to get lost in a game that entertains me for hours? Why–when the kids have two parents living at home that are capable– am I the one who has to put anything I want to do on hold? Answer? I don’t. So I have started a warlock and she is now level 21 (and a half.) If you play, let me know and we can talk more. Sorry about the gaming talk, non gamers whose eyes just glazed over.

But it doesn’t end there. We have been playing Skate and Guitar Hero III and Rock Band on X-Box. And Trauma Center and Kabooki! on Wii. And on the DS the New York Times Crossword Puzzles, Animal Crossing and Professor Layton and the Curious Village. (Ubsessive much with the puzzles?I cannot put this one down!) Oh, not to feel left out, we have played Tony Hawk on the PS2 and, well, the PS2 really is like the old, retired hooker. Used her for all she was worth and have moved on.

GameStop and Amazon and Nintendo love me. Oh, yes, they love me and my paychecks A LOT! (Oh, and coming soon, my love for Nintendo blog and my semi-promise to get my I HEART NINTENDO tattoo. Yes, another. Another blog, that is. The tattoo is for you to guess about.)

So, you can see why I have been MIA. Busy. I mean, these games don’t play themselves. And the other blogs don’t write themselves. (Though with the kick-ass writers we are hiring, it feels like it is!) And the hair…well, it didn’t happen on its own, but it was a blissful time to myself unplugged with a good book and no one with me.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another YAMU announcing a contest. With something near and dear to my heart. And a fun twist to see how creative my readers are.

*Apparently YAMU is no longer acceptable as part of my title.ย  Bummer.ย  But know that when I update, there is always YAMU in the background.

16 thoughts on “YAMU* Hair, there, every-ware

  1. Mine is all mousey brown because I am cheap and afraid ofchange, but I would love to have a color that says: โ€œdonโ€™t jack with me because I have a temper and passion that will mess you up.”

    Best line from a hair style. Ev. Ah.

  2. I used to do the gaming thing (Runescape was my poison of choice), then as a withdrawal aid, co-authored — with another Runescape gamer, of course — a novel about two women who met on the game.

    So my eyes glazed over, but it was an enjoyable glaze.

    The hair situation looks great, btw. And I’m heading over to Mommy Bloggers right now.

    Kalynne Pudner’s last blog post..How the Girl Scouts Have Ruined My Life

  3. I just tied together the twitter/coffee/mommybloggers thing.

    Now I am exhausted.

    (nice ‘do)

    Meg’s last blog post..21

  4. I love the new look. I’d like to be brave and do something different to my hair, but can’t quite get up the nerve. I have a little grey, but don’t even color that. They’re mine, and I earned them.

    and – they hardly show

  5. I LOVE your hair!!!! I need to talk to youj about Wii! I mean Wii! We now have a Wii!!! And I am so sore I can’t move! Wii! What are the must have games! When I recover, I will be able to play them and take my children down. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I know…I’ve been bad about stopping by but here I am!!!
    And I love the hair color. And I will admit I glazed over at the gaming talk. I tried to get into it once…it’s just not my thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Meeta’s last blog post..Becoming the Diva

  7. Love the haircolor! I oculd do the red — the blonde isn’t so me. Maybe the red with a little of my natural (dull brown) mixed in? ๐Ÿ™‚ You look great! I won’t mess with you, I promise.

    Daisy’s last blog post..Comfort food

  8. Hi! I’ve just “met” you on Twitter and we have many on-line friends in common. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I love love love your hair.

    kathybethtx’s last blog post..Nothing Profound

  9. I think mommy has a little more than coffee in her cup right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I cannot imagine getting addicted to games. I am addicted enough to blogging (I mean WHO actually DREAMS about her readers! I mean, I am a whackjob) I am staying well clear of WoW and OMG, there is the Guitar Hero guitar on the floor in front of me….. and an hour before school pick up….. and it could possibly rain so no point putting the washing on the line, and the dishes could go outside in the rain…..

    Excuse me….

    Kelley’s last blog post..What I am giving up for Lent.

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