I roll my own. Want a hit?

I roll my own. Want a hit?

[Update at the end]

Okay, after years of going without, I am giving in to temptation. Throwing caution and my better judgment to the wind, I am going to start rolling again. Blog rolling. Dude! What did you think?

So, if you think you should be on my blog roll, let me know. I am hopefully adding to it this week. Let me know why you want to be on it. You know reason like:

  • You want people other than your mom to read.
  • You have something on me and I better add you or you will release it to the world at large.
  • You need validation and I am just the blog to give it to you.
  • Because? Why not, beyotch?
  • You know I read you. I may even comment so why the hell are you not already being linked?
  • You have been removed from another blog roll for some dumb ass reason and are looking to not screw up your whole Technorati ranking so I need to make up the loss by adding you.
  • Your sister’s friend’s cousin’s hairdresser’s mailman’s next door neighbor’s aunt dates this dude who once read your blog and said it kicked ass so you should for sure be on the list!
  • You once commented and so there! Add you! Now!
  • You have anger issues and that in and of itself should scare me into adding you.
  • You deserve it because you know what movie this line came from: “You’re a neo maxi zoom dweebie, what would you be doing if you weren’t out making yourself a better citizen?”
  • Because you are about to kick my ass for trying to get anyone to jump through hoops.

That about covers why I add people to my blog roll. Oh, and of course because I read you and think other people should, too. But is that really a good enough reason? This is 2008 baby. Justification is the name of the game. Good writing will only get you so far. Inane bullshit carries you the rest of the way.

[Update to screech:]  Seriously?  Not ONE of you know where that movie line came from?!  Are none of you teens of the 80’s.  First person to tell me gets top billing in the blogroll.  I am so saddened that no one knows where neo maxi zoom dweebie came from.

*Shaking my head in shame*

61 thoughts on “I roll my own. Want a hit?

  1. Oh my gosh, will the wonders of Twitter never cease? I’ve been checking out all the blogs of people on Twitter that I’m following, and today’s your lucky day! 🙂

    This post really cracked me up. You have a fabulous sense of humor! I am sooo Subscribed to your blog!

    I am honored to add your blog to my BlogRoll, and would be much appreciative if you decided to reciprocate. Keep the funnies coming!

    Lin’s last blog post..Top 10 List of Favorite Links

  2. Reasons you should add me:
    1. I’m nifty.
    2. The only time I ever get new readers is when my grandma tells her friends “You should see this new internet my grand-daughter writes!”
    3. I sometimes post funny youtube videos.
    4. I’m not nearly as pathetic as this list makes me sound.

    Jen’s last blog post..Womb for rent – as a matter of fact

  3. Reasons to add me to your blogroll:

    1. Although I’ve had my blog for 2 1/2 years now, I’m not really a part of the “blogging community”. I’m not on any other blog rolls, not part of BlogHer, etc. This makes me a fresh voice– your readers have never seen me before!

    2. Mommyblogs are fabulous, but do you have an Infertility Blog on your list yet? That’s what mine is fast becoming, having gone through several cycles of I’m-a-pregnancy-blog!–no,-I’m-a-miscarriage-blog, rinse and repeat. C’mon, isn’t infertility just as humorous as parenting?

    3. I’m really too young (1981) to be a Brat Pack fan, so I should be excused for failing to recognize the allusion. I mean I’ve seen BC a few times, but I don’t have it memorized or anything! I can’t be held to the same standards as a 30-something blogger, who would have no such excuse.

    4. I believe that you are either in my home suburb (it starts with R), or in the snobby larger suburb to the immediate north that starts with P. Although I’m a Texan Ex-pat now, it should still count for something. Texans stick together– right? Right?!

    Mara’s last blog post..Who wants to gamble?

  4. I would love to be added to your blogroll because … I found you through the NYT article about the William Tell mom & agree she’s hilarious. And I used to look kinda sorta like Molly Ringwald back in the day. Good enough?

    Mom2Miles’s last blog post..Notes for Newlyweds

  5. I would just love to be added because I want other people besides my Mom to read me!! That was a good one
    I’ve blogged for years, I love meeting other Mom’s out there and what better way to do it right?

    Jade’s last blog post..A visit from Family

  6. It has been too long since I have seen The Breakfast Club, but I could not forget Bender! Thinking of that movie always reminds me of 16 Candles and Long Duck Dong. (heehee)

    Great flicks that I must go rent now!

  7. Ok, ok…so…I’m another new mommy blogger who thinks that mommy bloggers rock. I enjoy reading your blog and it goes so well with my morning coffee. Besides, my blogroll is new and very limited and you’re currently 30% of it. If you want me to grovel further, let me know!

    ComfyChaos’s last blog post..A Bit Of A Rant, But I’ve Earned It Today

  8. I am an aspiring mommy blogger who is a latecomer to this, and I love reading you. I am also a Breakfast Club freak; just referenced it in my Educational Psych class…which tells you oodles of what kind of teacher, at 42, I am going to turn out to be. I am looking forward to warping the minds of youth, oh yes I am. 🙂

  9. Because you jumped into a hot tub to hug me? What other reason is there? 😀 I can’t really blackmail you with it, though, cuz you already posted the pics!

    Okay, here’s another. If you do, I’ll TOTALLY let you sniff the babies head in San Fran. C’mon, what better incentive than baby snuggles?

    PS) Breakfast Club, one of my faves.

  10. I own every Brat Pack movie there is….The Breakfast Club always tops my list though! Does that count?! I am new to blogging but throughly enough yours in particular, I found you by chance before I started blogging myself while searching for validation that I was not alone in what is known as PTA hell, I am still serving my year of HORROR. I became a huge fan after reading your numerous rants…thus you are linked on my blog…I think that should count at least!!

  11. Oh why didn’t I read this blog sooner?! Aw man! I totally knew that quote was from “The Breakfast Club”! Bonus! I’m only 19! I knew the answer and yet was not even a teenager in the 80’s. I wasn’t even a ZYGOTE in the 80’s. I wasn’t even a glimmer in my parents’ eyes in the 80’s! Until 1989, that is. I was alive then.

    Okay, how’s that for inane bullshit?

    Danielle’s last blog post..Puppies FTW!

  12. OMG, I love the Breakfast Club. I just wrote about BC yesterday as I recapped American Idol! please add me to your blog roll – afterall, I helped a girl friend dye her hair red in homage to Molly:)

    xiaolinmama’s last blog post..Memory Lane Ala American Idol

  13. Hi, I can think of lots of reasons you should add me to your blogroll:

    1) http://she-power is new and like TOTALLY needs your validation. Think of it as good karma
    2) I’ve seen the Breakfast Club seven times at last count and once cut my hair to match Molly Ringwald’s (it didn’t work)
    3) I was such a fan of Molly Ringwald’s I even saw the ridiculous slasher flick, CUT, which was dubbed her comeback
    4) I’ve just discovered your blog, but have already subscribed
    5) I’m an Aussie and us chicks from the bottom of the earth are TOUGH. Real tough.
    6) I am not above bribery. I can have a packet of TIM TAMS, the best damn chocolate biscuits in the world, on your doorstep before you can say “cellulite”

    🙂 Kelly

    Kelly@SHE-POWER’s last blog post..Why I’m Lucky and You Are Too

  14. How can you be a child of the 80’s and not know ALL of John Hughes’ movies. I own them all on DVD and in my insomniac moments watch them over and over again.

    “Ditching school to go shopping doesn’t make you defective”
    Oh, how it must have stunk to be Claire Standish.

    I know, I know, I need to get a life.

  15. neo maxi zoom dweebie??? Breakfast Club baby!! How could anyone the was a child of the 80’s not know that line?

    I would like to be added too please.

    Jess’s last blog post..Who Approved This???

  16. Although I’d seen “The Breakfast Club” no fewer than five times previously, it wasn’t until I watched it a couple of years ago with my then-15 and 14-year olds that I realized what Molly Ringwald had in mind, locking herself in the records room with Judd Nelson.

    Yeah. I have a Ph.D.

    Kalynne Pudner’s last blog post..The Lady is a VAP

  17. You should add me to your blogroll because
    1. You can feel superior when I’m out shoveling snow.
    2. You can commiserate when my teenage boy does something stupid.
    3. I would’ve named my blog Mommy Needs Coffee if someone cooler and hipper didn’t already have the name!

    Daisy’s last blog post..Forgive me while I ramble on a green and gold theme

  18. I recently started blog rolling too! I would love to exchange links because, well, I would love more readers!

    Of course, am honest!

  19. As I clicked to comment on the quote, I thought for sure that I knew the movie. I had thought the answer was “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”! But “The Breakfast Club” sounds like a better answer. I was so close but no cigar….

    Grace’s last blog post..It’s a MOVIE meme

  20. That was The Breakfast Club.

    I love the 80’s!

  21. I confess…I couldn’t remember the name of the movie…the quote was SO familiar!

    I think you should add me to your blogroll now because I didn’t lie just then! I could have googled it and pretended to remember – no one would have known – so that means I am TOTALLY worthy of some traffic on my blog…hardly anyone comes by! Of course, it might help if I wrote more often! So I’ll write more if you come by – cuz I’m honest like that!

    PeetsMom’s last blog post..What’s left for Best Shot Monday?

  22. Wow – I watched that movie SO many times the script is forever etched in my brain and we’d watch it reciting the dialog by heart. Scary…

    BENDER: Dork…
    BRIAN: Yeah?
    BENDER: You are a parent’s wet dream, okay?
    BRIAN: Well that’s a problem!
    BENDER: Look, I can see you getting all bunged up for them making you wear these kinda clothes. But face it, you’re a Neo-Maxi-Zoom-Dweebie!

    Wait.. For.. It..

    Like Writing Mommy I won’t post the answer just yet. It’s all about Teen Angst!

    And Jenn – you know you want my blog on your blogroll, because I outed you as a Soccer Mom In Denial More than once! 🙂

    Soccer Dad’s last blog post..Did The Warm Weather Bring Out The Crazy?

  23. Okay, I have two reasons.
    One, I’m from India, so maybe that’s like a different take on all things parenting?
    But here’s the REAL reason. I was a teen in the 80s so I know what movie that line came from!! (Not sure if I’m supposed to show-off, so I’ll wait for a response. 😉

    Writing Mommy’s last blog post..Stage Fright? What’s that?

  24. how many blogs discuss sensory integration disorder, organic living, crazy families, a princess in training, possibly having to find a new job and are written by a Disney obsessed lifetime member of the GSUSA? I haven’t found another (did I mention I like your blog????)

    Jennifer’s last blog post..How green are you?

  25. HI! Please add me. I am currently trying to change my status in the blogosphere from huge loser to just big loser. Thank you!

    Danielle’s last blog post..Yummy Larabars

  26. …because I’m good enough,
    I’m dumb enough,
    and gosh darnit, people like me.

    Oh, and I’m up to my freakin elbows in inane bullshit.

    damon’s last blog post..The Snowpimp

  27. I have nothing new to add to the blogroll pleading, other than I love your perspective as a mom and have been a lurker and sometimes commenter for a while now. Maybe people who read you might have fun reading me, too. Oh, and I do post about coffee now and then.

  28. I totally lurke you. For years. I could use some lurkers too. 🙂

  29. Well, it stinks that my first comment is a request to be added to your blogroll…kind of like a neighbor that always see you but never says hello and then asks to borrow your lawn mover.

    I will say this: My blog is totally different from yours so nobody will ever confuse me with the true goddess. Plus, I’m a new kid on the block.

    Even if you don’t add me: thanks for the great space. It’s made living in a new state far from my roots feel a little less lonely. =)


    Tartlette’s last blog post..Copper Topper

  30. Hmmmm, so do you read my blog? Seeing I read yours like ALL THE TIME, and I comment ALL THE TIME.

    And yeah, there are some anger issues there I think…..

    Kelley’s last blog post..Childs Play.

  31. Oh, you have to add me.
    *I need validation.
    *Why not, beyotch?
    *I commented once. Or twice.

    *Because I write like a squirrel on energy drinks.

    Emily’s last blog post..Sunday Mutter

  32. I’ve got nothing except, please, please, please! I’m not above a little groveling.

    How about: I’ve been reading you since I started my blog in December and I’ve got you on mine, so it’s payback time. Right?

    Anyway, I’d love if you would stop by, check me out, and if you like what you see, add me to your list.

    (We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!) Sorry, didn’t know your movie clip, so I thought I would add my own.

    Deb’s last blog post..I Tried

  33. I am new to this and deserve a chance (big brown doe eyes look up at you with pleading)….

    Just wanted to see if begging would work.
    Plus you rule.


  34. I don’t think you read me, but I’ve been reading YOU for years. 🙂

    And I’m an ace at inane bullshit. I’m pretty sure I double majored in it along with history in college.

    Sleeping Mommy’s last blog post..Only in Oklahoma

  35. Um because I’m stalking you? Oh I kid. The warrant expired and now it’s just friendly visiting.

    No you should add me because I’m totally stealing this idea and linking to you 🙂 You are right, 2008 is the year the blogroll returned.

    motherbumper’s last blog post..Let them drink NyQuil

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