Happy Birthday, Gabriella!

Happy Birthday, Gabriella!


I cannot believe you are 7 years old today. You, my miracle baby that was a surprise and blessing to all of us. You were such a little fighter in the womb. They told us to prepare to lose you when you stopped growing for over a month. But you had a mind of your own and knew that you had a place in this world. You fought. You began to grow and you came to us three weeks early. You were such a gentle birth. (And you even forgave me for finishing watching the Dallas Stars game after your entered the world.) You just snuggled in with your grandparents, aunt and brothers as if you had always been a part of us.

The weekend I was in the hospital with you was the weekend I was supposed to be picking up my one year chip for staying clean. I think you were the better prize that day.

You are the dream daughter I never thought I would have. You’re the continuation of generations of women who love to live, laugh and love. You may be Daddy’s little girl, but you and I have a bond that is unbreakable and unshakable. When you look into my eyes I wonder how in the world one person can love and trust me so much. I want to be the Mom you see when you look at me that way. In you I see my future and my past. I see all the wonderful things ahead of you. In our relationship, I see the full circle love that I had with my own Mom and it makes me eternally grateful that you are my daughter. My girl.

I have watched you grow from a colicky baby to a fun loving toddler to the amazing first grader you are today. Every step of the way I have cherished you and your life. The gift that you are to this entire family. You rescued me from myself. I know you were sent here to do so many things in this world. Rescuing me was one of your greatest. And you are only seven!

With you, I learned how to slow down and enjoy motherhood with more ease. I learned to worry less about “should do’s” and live more in the moment. With you, I learned how that ice cream for dinner every now and then is good for the soul. With you, I realized I want to be the person you see when you look into my eyes.

Today, as you turn seven, I wouldn’t be anywhere else in the world…except with you.

I love you more than you know. And remember our pinky promise: Best friends– even when you are a teenager. (I am holding you to that.)

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet girl.



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Gabriella!

  1. Your post is so sweet! I had written a birthday letter to my daughter on the Graco blog when she turned 2 (a month ago). I always love coming across birthday letters to our children–each one is so touching!

  2. oh girl – i loved reading this today. thank you. love you.

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