I fixed the blog and now it adds “image” to the title? Huh?

I fixed the blog and now it adds “image” to the title? Huh?

Anyone know why it does this? I mean really! I work on those witty (hey, at midnight they are witty) titles. I don’t want it to start with “-image-”


My blog hates me. I am SO sleeping with one eye open tonight to ensure it doesn’t kill me in my sleep.

[UPDATE] Okay, now I know what the problem is but I cannot fix it. I am about to just change to a default theme and make my sweet designer cry over her hard work. Because? Between me and this blog? IT IS ON! (Like Donkey Kong….only meaner. And with less bananas.)

Going to bed. Sorry about the annoying titles. Just pretend to see a pretty image until I can fix it. Grrrrrr

[UPDATED UPDATE] My webgoddess designer Karen at Swank fixed it. No blog ass kicking today. Yet.

7 thoughts on “I fixed the blog and now it adds “image” to the title? Huh?

  1. I’m sure there’s an “image” punch line here somewhere, but I can’t think of one. Maybe you’re lucky.

  2. I’m so glad Karen got you fixed up. Glad your back up and running. It’s my worst fear that my blog will break and no one will help me fix it.

  3. Oh my! What’s causing this? Is it something in the template? Your feeds don’t show the “-image-” in the titles. That’s something I suppose.

  4. I know exactly what the problem is and have time TODAY! THIS MORNING! to fix it but I gotta know what you did to “fix” your blog? Dude. Help a design bizatch out and throw me the deets. 🙂

  5. So is it gunna be like that ‘Ultimate Showdown’ on Youtube? Cause that would be awesome. Make sure you have someone video you while you lose your shit at your computer and blog just so we can all feel better OK?

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