Things I learned on Twitter about topics one should blog about

Things I learned on Twitter about topics one should blog about

What to do with a Saturday night when you are bored, kind of down and have nothing to do but things you need to do but don’t feel like doing? Why you Twitter of course.

This is what I have learned tonight.

  1. Do not say you hate “Absolutely Mindy” or people will be angry. Do I have a clue who “Absolutely Mindy” is? Nope. But I should treat her with respect.
  2. If you say bad things about her you get “torn a new anal opening” in your comments. (Assvice courtesy of BusyMom)
  3. When in doubt, blog about Zac Efron and how dreamy he is. Pictures help. But my blog is on strike when it comes to pictures, so I can’t give you a picture of Zac Efron. Though my daughter has a eleventy hundred to choose from.
  4. The breed standard for Dobies and poodles is nearly identical? Sans hair, good poodle = Dobe (breeding information courtesy of NinjaPoodles.)
  5. Wil Wheaton will sing Don’t Stop Believin’ with you if you join in. (Or at least that is what I am telling myself as I jumped right in with him.)
  6. Oh, and Emma Watson. (I was told that was always a good thing to talk about. Though, I really have nothing to say about her. My bad.)

5 thoughts on “Things I learned on Twitter about topics one should blog about

  1. Now I totally want to go back onto Twitter and say that Absolutely Mindy is a whore.

  2. As a gal who just subscribed to Twitter yesterday I appreciate the tips… 😎

    I’m Shannanb if you are interested, not sure I have anything

  3. – Mindy is a kid’s show on XM radio (I googled her).

    – It’s always best not to write about insanely popular pop icons of any moment because their fans have even more time on their hands than I do and they will come to your blog and be themselves (unbalanced) and it’s creepy.

    – Zac Efron? (it’s nearly time to make supper and I have no more time to google).

    – breeding dogs? why?

    – Wil Wheaton? The annoying kid on Star Trek Next Gen? I can believe it.

    – Emma Watson is an actress, right?

    Well, I guess sometimes you gotta play to the crowds.

  4. ~ I have no idea who “Absolutely Mindy” is either and the photo in the site you linked scared the crap out of me.

    ~ “Torn a new anal opening”?! Thanks for the nightmares, BusyMom!

    ~ OOoooo! Zac Efron! Mmmmmm!

    ~ Seriously? Breeding poodles? How did this conversation start? I missed it, I must had been asleep. But I’m sure you can find better topics than that.

    ~ I don’t know Wil Wheaton but he’s a cool guy if he will sing that song!

    ~ Emma Watson? Really? Mkay…

    Just don’t blog about golf. We need you awake.

    Colin Brooks’s last blog post..rickmob, the first strike

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