When the paper clip mocks you it is time for a break

When the paper clip mocks you it is time for a break

I have been working furiously trying to get my book finished (to a point) to get to my ever patient and wonderful agent whom I worship and adore. (Yes, I am a good ass-kisser. Why?) I have been writing. And then writing. And then hitting a wall.

Want to know what is worse than writer’s block? Being mocked by that freaking paper clip in Word. I really hate it. I mean, I want to take it and untwist it and make it into obscene sculptures to send to unsuspecting successful authors who have made it through this already.

But tonight, when it mocked me? That was it. Mocked. Me.


I need to get out and talk to more people. When the paper clip mocks me, it is time for a break. But the book? So much good to say about it. So much happening. But first? I have a paper clip sculpture to make!

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21 thoughts on “When the paper clip mocks you it is time for a break

  1. I remember that paper clip. Say….maybe that’s the reason I bought a MAC.

    No paper clip.

    Good luck with the book.


  2. Shux…I get the writers’ block everytime I go to my post-it page.LOL
    Your just so funny girrrrrrl!
    Take Care,

  3. I feel like that sometimes. That’s why I write in Wordpad. No abusive paperclip to annoy me. 🙂

    Hope the writer’s block clears soon.

  4. Oh writers block — how frustrating!And it doesn’t get any easier when your got a perky paperclip staring at you.

    Am sending you lots of “ideas flow freely and fingers typing fastly” vibes! 🙂

  5. Cute little post, I love that clip..he tells me its time to do deep breathing. Then I try to refocus and say bad words. That always helps…try it…of course you say them quietly but it is a mood changer. Makes you feel in control of something…

    My best,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

  6. Landed here again, and I had to laugh again, too. That darn paper clip really does smirk!

  7. My paper clip story– I had a cute picture of our kitty as my wallpaper. My boys figured out where to position the paper clip guy so that when turned off, he appeared to ride his bike into the cat’s nether regions. That’s when I switched to Open Office.

  8. I turn off my Paper Clip Dude. In fact, I don’t let my students use him, either. Not because he’ll mock them (I’d laugh if he did!) but because they play with it, change it to the dog, the circle, the Einstein, etc., and then wonder why they’re not getting their work done!

  9. Gosh, was something in the air yesterday? Everyone I talked to was having a rough day. I was feeling overwhelmed myself. I went out for a run and bitched with my girlfriends. Better (and cheaper) than therapy! I hope today’s better for you.

  10. Definitely go Mac. Less mocking. More head-patting for the techno-challenged. My blog mocks me. Or rather my husband (a new blogger) mocks me by installing really cool features on his blog and then asking me why I don’t have them on mine and he already knows why. ‘Cause he is an engineer and I am just a writer.

    What’s your book about?

  11. I think your paperclip and my robot are consipring to drive us nuts, I swear the robot at work says the same to me and laughs.

  12. I hate that clip! So glad it doesn’t come up in Office for Mac I would seriously punch the screen!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the book!
    *bounces with excitement*

  13. I hate being mocked by inanimate objects and feel your pain.

    So, um…. Whatever happened to that blogroll you were talking about way back when? (You know, because it’s *so* my business what you do with your blog, right?)

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