Suri Cruise’s Ladybug Shoes from Skimbaco rocked Oprah

Suri Cruise’s Ladybug Shoes from Skimbaco rocked Oprah

I miss Gabriella’s tiny little baby girl clothes. Especially the shoes. I can melt right there on the floor for a cute pair of little girl shoes. Did you see those adorable ladybug shoes in Suri Cruise’s mudroom closet on Oprah last week? These Ladybug shoes are from an awesome Colorado-based company called Skimbaco. Getting a plug on Oprah is huge! Skimbaco’s ladybug shoes are made by Monkey-Toes, a Denver-based company, and are handpainted to order.

You can watch the video yourself and see how Tom specifically shows the shoes for Oprah.Watch the video. The shoes are at the 1:38 mark.

Skimbaco is a one-woman-show. She is a mother of three and works 14 hour days trying to get her store going. She has worked very hard and built the company with a shoestring budget.

Because I adore her and love her store, (and so you will go to her site and see how much she has to offer–not just for kids) I’m going to give away a $30 gift certificate to Skimbaco.

Just visit and then comment on this post telling me which Skimbaco product is your favorite. You’ll then be entered to win. The winner will be announced May 16th. The contest is open to U.S. residents only. (Sorry all of my non-US friends and readers.)

Help support this mom owned business. (And possibly win something in the process!) Go see Skimbaco!

25 thoughts on “Suri Cruise’s Ladybug Shoes from Skimbaco rocked Oprah

  1. Thanks for the link, this is a great site for kids clothes! I love all the shoes and Nela’s Orange Tassel Mary Jane’s are too cute. This could be the start of an expensive habit!

  2. Adorable stuff! Love the ladybug shoes, and also the reversible headbands and the geometric print totes.

  3. adore the luvbug mj’s. I’d have to get a matching pair for our 4 year old.

  4. I like the Socks TO GO – 4 pair Gift Pack

  5. I love the ladybug shoes. They are great. However, since it is Mother’s Day tomorrow I’d have to say that my favorite item is the Markimekko Basaltti Bag,

    Thanks for sponsoring this contest. I love the store.


  6. Besides the ladybug shoes, I love the toddler backpacks.

  7. I like Katja and I like a lot of the things at her store. Some of my faves are the ladybug shoes, Starburst Long Sleeve Tee, baby bully onesie, Vroom Motorcycle Short Sleeve Tee, and the monkey shoes.

  8. I love the bee mary janes but they aren’t going to fit my daughter…can’t she make them bigger?!

  9. I love all of it but my daughter’s already pre-teen. Do tell the owner she better hire some additional help ASAP. If she hasn’t already, she’s going to get thousands of orders. I remember hearing a piece on NPR about one man who hand made soaps. Oprah had his item on her favorite things episode and within days he was bombarded with orders. This woman has beautiful things, her business will flourish. Oprah has waved her golden wand.

  10. I actually like the lady bug shoes, we are having a girl and I know she’d look darling with those little bugs, I also like the bags!

  11. The tennis shoes are SUPER cute, so are the bags and accessories for mama. Love it all.

  12. As a fellow Colorado blogger and woman business owner, it is darn cool to see some recognition on Oprah for a great business. Go, Skimbaco, go!

    As a nerdy mom, the Avalisa Memory Game really appeals to me. Amos needs some smarts.

  13. I love these pants: Iden Corduroy Dragon Pants and I know just the little guy who would make them look even cuter! Skimbaco is awesome and I’m glad she’s getting some publicity.

  14. I love the sunshine gold charity necklace and the felt cakes. My daughter would love one of those for her kitchen!

  15. I love all of the shoes, but i actually just bought a pink reversible sunhat for myself from Skimbaco yesterday! I’m excited to get it soon. I’ll be checking out more of the offerings in the future 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. Hi Jenn – what a great website – cool stuff! I particularly like the cute boys t-shirts – Vroom Motorcycle Tee would be right up my son’s alley (he’s 4 1/2) as he loves all things motorcycle. 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win! I’m going to go scope out the site some more….

    Beth B.

  17. I would get the love bug mary jane shoes. And big sister/little sister tees. Adorable!

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