Friends don’t let friends IM after midnight. Or do Wii?

Friends don’t let friends IM after midnight. Or do Wii?

I don’t sleep well at night. So sometimes I get online and find people to talk to. Some are okay with it. Some play “IM dead” and pretend they are not there rolling their eyes.

One of my favorite late night chatters is my totally awesome and completely cool roomie for BlogHer ’07 and yes again this year for BlogHer ’08 (cause I didn’t scare her off!) is Busy Mom. Yes, she does have a real name. She can tell you herself. The sad thing is? She has WiiNis envy. (rhymes with another phrase and is pronounced wee-nus envy.) It is happening all over the country from people who are without a Wii.

This woman is living totally old school. Like make you want to weep and donate to the cause old school. Check out how pathetically old school Busy Mom is and how she needs to step at least into the 21st century but definitely into this decade. See? Total WiiNis envy. (Or is it WiiNis Envii?)

This is one of our late night conversations. And, yes, the silly had hit but the fun stuck around.

: I wrote a post: “I Wii Pii’ed myself when – got my Wii Fit”

Busy Mom: Hahahaha!

Busy Mom: Charge the family a Fii to use it, money problem solved

12:03 AM me: Good idea for Mii
Busy Mom: Or, you could just let it Bii
me: Drop PiiTiiA and Bii Frii
I Sii
12:04 AM Busy Mom: Hii Hii Hii
me: Gii you are funnii
Busy Mom: Tii Hii, humor is Kii
12:05 AM me: We will get you a Wii this summer. I will buy thii a Wii to play. I can Sii you are Kii to the lovah of thii Wii and will Bii Frii to send Thii a Wii
12:06 AM Busy Mom: Whoopii!!
me: Yeah I am done. Out. Finii
Busy Mom: LOL
12:07 AM me: Have wii crossed the line into crazii? Because if wii shared this, they would sii that wii are wacked crazii
Busy Mom: Li’lol Mii?
me: My brain doth exploded
12:08 AM Busy Mom: My screen is all gooii, thanks

me: Now go! Work. I need to sii about deadlines for mii also.

Busy Mom: If it were graded, I’d get a Dii

me:Bii Good!12:13 AM Busy Mom: Okii Dokii! me: Nite sweetie Sweetii Swiitii Busy Mom: Hii, Hii, Mwah!12:14 AM Busii Mom, over and out me: Mommii needs coffii out

I do not know why some of you ignore me when I IM you late at night. That is kind of rude. Look at the fun you would have chatting.

Shall Wii chat soon?

27 thoughts on “Friends don’t let friends IM after midnight. Or do Wii?

  1. I have learned to actually turn off IM when I’m snuggling with the hubs so if you see mii, i’m probably close by now.

  2. this is totally not about this post— I would like to thank you for writing so openly and honestly about your addiction. I (am I saying this???) have an addiction to a prescription medication, and it is slowly but surely taking over. You are an inspiration to me of success.

  3. Hahaha, what a funny post.

    When we first got our Wii, we spent the entire weekend playing and had tennis elbow and sore trigger thumbs.

    I have to play at night…the kids don’t let me play during the day! 🙂

  4. Miss Jenn,

    Did you get my email in real life? Write back! Serious question! Thanks! (If answer = no, that’s okay. ; )


  5. Heh. I recognize those conversations…. from myself. People ignore me too sometimes late at night. hehe

  6. Hot dogitii! You two are absolutely hilarious! I just played the wii with my son and he whiiped my butt! Thanks for the laughs!!!!

  7. Thoroughly, riotously funny! I love it when you get punchy from combo of no sleep/just the right insane friend. I once laughed til I threw up from a gigglefest regarding the phrase “Mama Se Mama Sa Mama coo sa”. In fact, I might have to just call her up tonight because of you!


  8. I sii. Too bad I go to sliip so earlii! Wii could share such sillii conversations.

  9. You know, it took me a good year to find a Wii in stores. And then, right after I finallii found one… they’re effin’ everywhere. Now THAT is bullshii… If I have to search for a year I think everyone should have to search for a year.

    I’m bitter. I can admit that.

  10. Hey – it was great to (sort of) meet you last night via Busy Mom’s phone. I’ve lurked before, but now feel I should say “hey” since we sort of met – you know, virtually speaking.
    Or maybe I should say “Hii”

  11. Wii have a Wii, and it is lovelii, but I’m still intenselii sad that wii have no Wii Fit currentlii.

    Damn economii.

    (You can chat with mii anytime, lol!)

  12. Does it count that I purchased one for my 13 year old grandson? Sometimes I play bowling with him? I’m 61..

    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call your gram

  13. Hilarious! I had to read it twice, though…I have a Wii, yet don’t speak Wii, I guess!
    Fun site. Glad I found it!

  14. You are so funny. While reading this I had the distinct impression that this is how my kindergarten daughter initially saw all words.

    We are Wii-less also. Someday…someday.

  15. Weii are Wii-less, too, but it is arriving next Saturday, for our son’s birthday. I predict many hours of frustration trying to hook it up, followed by much fighting between the kids as to which games to play. I can’t wiit!

  16. lolololol How come this stuff doesn’t happen on twitter when I can’t sleep?

  17. Trev: The “ii” for “e” is because she is has Wii envy. She wants a Wii. So we began to speak in Wii-speak. All “ee” sounds became “ii” as in the Wii.

    Even sillier.

    So, not quite a meme more like a MiiMii that she and I got sillii on one night.

  18. You two are ridiculous; a perfect pairing. Ha! Is the “ii = e” thing an internet meme that I’m missiing?!


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