While you were doing that, I was doing this.

While you were doing that, I was doing this.

See! I still exist.  After nearly 3 weeks (or has it been 3 weeks?) off the grid, I am finally trying to jump back into the world that exists in this computer.  In fact, I am guessing that I will finally get in the groove just in time to head off to BlogHer in San Francisco next week.   So what kept me offline for so long?  Well, I was chillin at the beach. Thinking I would have no trouble getting hooked up and online, I never mentioned that I would be leaving. Turns out, getting on and being able to work and chat and check email and such was not the easy time I thought it would be.  Yet being offline for so long was just what I needed.  I know I owe way too many people way too many responses, email, posts etc.  Now that I am home, hooked up and able to connect with the outside world, I will do my best to catch up. Really. (Did you notice the “do my best” part?  Yeah, still out of my groove.)

But I am sure you understand can I understand why.

While you were getting ready for work, I was doing this:

And for most of the day when I would normally be home doing chores or trying to keep the kids busy, I was hanging out here:

And then as the late afternoon hit, I did a little bit of this:

And as the day drew to a close, I sat in amazement watching this:

Is it any wonder why it is tough to get back into the groove?

Next up: Taking on the jellies, BlogHer stuff and a way too late post about a book I was totally supposed to post about ages ago.  For now, a nap.  This blogging stuff is tough to get back into.  I need my beach back.

13 thoughts on “While you were doing that, I was doing this.

  1. New member here – married mom to four daughters in Dallas area. Glad to see all the humor in here on this thing we call “married life with children”.

  2. HEY HEY!!!
    I ain’t mad at cha’!!
    In fact I’m sorta hatin’ on ya(kidding)
    Hun,you deserved that break,and don’t feel one bit overwhelmed vat getting caught up on this computer stuff!
    ME,on the other hand have had one hell-of-a-go-at-it.I’ve been in and out of the hospital 3 times in 2 weeks…but far be it for me to rain on your parade!! I’m doing great now,and that’s all that counts!
    Looove the pics chic-a-dee!! Looking at them,I felt as if I were THERE for a minute!!
    Glad your back.Ease back into the ol’ day to day stuff,ya hear?
    p.s~glad you and the young un’s are home safe and sound.

  3. Ok, that looks like one of those vague Corona commercials. I hope that you were as relaxed as your toes looked, the beach is a fabulous reason to just unhook and unwind.

    Glad to see you’re back tho!

  4. All that and BlogHer too?

    Man, you live a blessed life babe.

    Totally deserved though…

  5. THAT was a GREAT post! I could hear the ocean. Yes, I’m jealous!


    The grove will be there for you when you wish I’m sure.

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