Yes, I know it is messed up

[Update: Thank you Karen and my geeky husband Clint for helping me to fix this.  Mwah!]

Yes. Yes, I am an idiot and accidentally wiped out my entire header. GO ME! Bear with me while I try to figure out how in the hell I am going to fix it.

GAH! Help!


  1. I just love that you know the difference between “bear” and “bare”. Not that I would expect you not to, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when people get it right. (Do I have low expectations for people’s grammar, or what?)

  2. Is not. Is it?

    Looks good to me…

  3. Good luck – I hate problems like that.


  4. Do you know how long I’ve been sitting by my phone waiting for your call? I’ve got chairsores on my ass!

    I kid. Glad you got it up and running again 🙂

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