A Hair Razing Tale

A Hair Razing Tale

“My oldest teenage son came to me at the beginning of the summer proclaiming, “I want a Mohawk.” I am sure that he was waiting expectantly for the list of reasons that he would not be able to have something so radical done to his hair. The reasons I would stand in the way of his hair-razing scheme. A defiant and unwavering no was certainly the response he waited for….”

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9 thoughts on “A Hair Razing Tale

  1. If we didn’t sweat the small stuff, maybe – later in life – they won’t either.

    Congrats on the mohawk, and by the way… it looks great!!


  2. Wow. You have a courage that I lack, but my only child is only three. I would feel like it’s a slippery slope (probably because it would have been for me). Of course, that could change when I have more mom years under my belt, because we do try to let my daughter express herself.

  3. This is why I love you so much. I feel the exact same way. I want my kids to be confident and self-assured. A little self-expression through hair? Sounds fine to me.

  4. My younger step daughter shaved a single spot on the side of her head down to the scalp for a costume party two weekends ago. Then she shaved one side of her head (last week) and the other today.

    My husband never fails to remind her that at her age (23) this kind of thing is not going to get her anyway with the kind of employers who she would like to work for. While realizing this, she persists in hair, make-up and dress that is true to who she feels she is.

    It’s a shame most of us loss our true self-image as we get older.

  5. I totally agree with you! CLothes and hair styles come and go, they will always be our children.

    Plus I had a pink mohawk as a kid and I think I turned out fairly normal!

  6. I wish my Mom would have been so cool when I was a kid! Now I still kind of entertain the idea of doing something wild to my hair (except for the time it takes to actually make it stand up, I’d love to try a mohawk) except I need to know I am secure in my work and won’t be looking for another job soon- places frown on pink hair and the like for some reason… lol.

  7. Mohawks grow in. Tattoos and piercing don’t go away. My oldest son wanted to let his hair grow long. I said ok as long as you keep it clean. Eventually he got it cut short, and that was an easy fix.

  8. My daughter came home with a henna tattoo on her hand last night. I’m glad it’s only henna, but she could get a real tattoo any time. She’s 21. I just hope she gets something tasteful when and if she does take the leap!

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