Scary than Friday the 13th. More real than Survivor. It’s Bib!

Scary than Friday the 13th. More real than Survivor. It’s Bib!

You thought I was kidding when I said I was afraid of the Michelin Man.  I was so not kidding.  In fact, thanks to the amazing photographic talents of my good friend, lawyermama, the moment that I tried to overcome my fear was caught moment by moment on film.  Below the image collage is a play by play of the moment–with my personal commentary on each photo underneath the set.

Do not judge me.  Or I will sent Bib to your house to…under inflate all of your tires.  And that is BAD!

(photo set courtesy of lawyermama–who totally rocks!)

So here is the image by image captions:

  • 1- Go ahead and put your hands out, Bib.  I am not coming to you.
  • 2- Okay, I will come, but I won’t like it.
  • 3- LOOK!  I am grabbing hands with you and you are not trying to smother me with your white rolls of Bib horror!
  • 4- Awwww, see!  I can hug you.  I am totally okay.
  • 5- Oh My Gawd!  I hugged you!  I have to go. NOW.  YOU STAY!
  • 6- Please save me!  Don’t let him get me. Oh, the horrors of the puffy Michelin Man! Save me!
  • 7- You people are horrible to traumatize me like this!  I want my mommy.
  • 8- Okay, seriously. I am not crying. There is something in my eye.
  • 9- Well, maybe it was a little funny.  See?  Totally trying to laugh about it.  (Still? NOT FUNNY!)

So there you go.  I have outed myself as a total freak when it comes to the Michelin Man.  Deal with it.  At least my tires are fully inflated AND I got to drive like a professional driver on a closed course with Raymond.

Oh, and as a token of good will, I have and will keep my Bib (Michelin Man) keychain on my keys to remind me of our moments together.  (Not like I will forget.)

14 thoughts on “Scary than Friday the 13th. More real than Survivor. It’s Bib!

  1. That’s quite an impressive series of shots – as well as an impressive act of facing your fears. I was a huge fan of Ghostbusters (the first one) how did you handle the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man? Did you even see the movie?

    David – The Happier Husband

  2. Oh, my horrors of the Michelin Man are of a very different variety. In high school French, the teacher assigned us French names that we HAD to use in class. Since there multiple Michelles, I was given the derivative “Micheline”. Not a great name for the chubby girl. The cruel boys called me “Michelin Woman” for two years until tranferred to Spanish. Every time I see that creature, I think back to those taunts 🙁

  3. Way to go! Confronting our fears is never easy…especially when it looks like a huge white marshmallow! Just imagine what our poor kids see from their angle!

  4. Clowns, Carnies (small hands, smell like cabbage, etc), and the Michelin Man aka Stay-puff Marshmallow Man. All bad, all very scary!


  5. Baaaahaaaa!

    I’m so proud of you for confronting your fears AND for publicly outing yourself!

    P.S. Bib is kinda freaky looking in a Stay Puff Marshmellow Man kind of way.

  6. You have made me feel like less of a freak! He scares me, too – I think it is because he resembles the StayPuft man in Ghostbusters.

  7. OMG! I felt it with you and I”m not even afraid of the thing.

    Oh hugs lady, and good job on attacking your fear!

    that must have been rough, it’s good to have good friends by your side!!

  8. Awwww, poor thing. I do agree that the Michelin Man is weird looking. And better that scare than something you see every day. 😉

    Good for you for hugging him!

  9. Dude. That thing is scary. Can you imagine having to wear that outfit? I would have nightmares, uh, …. nightly. It’s probably worse even than being a Macy’s Christmas elf.

  10. OMG you look just like my daughter the first time we went to Disney and she came face to face with Goofy. Except she did cry, wet her pants and tried hard to climb up my leg back to the womb.

  11. It’s okay. MM is kinda like a clown after all, and they are a bit creepy.

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