True tales of a mean PTA are revived. I know you missed them!

True tales of a mean PTA are revived. I know you missed them!

I am here to tell those of you who were saddened by my sudden admiration for the PTA board that I was serving on would cause me to lose that edge when mocking the PTA.  I am here to tell you…the mocking is alive and well!  No, not from my Good Board.  From my Mean Board.

I recently had a run-in (several by email) with a PTAnal Militant Mom.  You know the kind.  Former president who thinks she still runs things.  Spends all summer working on PTA things and expects the same of you.  Is rude and mean.  Why, yes, it is junior high. All over again.  But meaner.  (I didn’t think that was possible.)

Anyway, the email exchanges have become downright comical.  What is that you ask?  Will I share them with you? Of course I will!  But let me let them run their course because people, THIS is why it is so hard to find parents willing to help out on the PTA.

Help.   I think I need to go back into the PTA Volunteer Protection Program.  Anyone want to house me for my own safety for a while?

At least I have my Good Board.  They are friendly and open to newcomers.  The new one? Well, let’s just say I check my bed nightly for severed horse heads. (Yes, a Godfather reference.  Sue me. No don’t.  I have enough problems to deal with  right now.)

So for those of you that know me and see me show up in sunglasses, a wig and a hat…pretend you don’t know. I am hiding from the Mob PTA.

And do not even think of saying “I told you so” or I will send them after YOU.

And for the record…my Nice Board has no PTAnal Militant Moms OR PTAll Moms on the board. We are all just there to help.  For that I owe them my eternal loyalty and gratitude.

7 thoughts on “True tales of a mean PTA are revived. I know you missed them!

  1. I endured so much last year and this year with my kids’ PTA I told them to take me off the volunteer list. Last year we had a miltant PTA president who wanted everything run her way all of the time. She emailed me nasty notes – lied, called me all sorts of nasty names and the principal sided with her and she didn’t even have a child attending the school. She made all of the volunteers run the other direction. Now this new year started the same way and there is a mom who wants to be involved who doesn’t have a child attending the school either and the principal got herself involved in the whole mess. I walked away yet again. I paid only my dues and will not fundraise or anything else for them. I volunteer in my daughter’s classroom, but beyond that nothing. I do not give money to anything. These miltant PTA moms have caused so many problems and I wonder why they don’t follow their children instead of staying at a school where their children are no longer attending. I would love to find a group of moms who care and not play into all of the nasty behavior. So for now I will hide out and just do my own thing. They are having a breakfast at my kids’ school in February and I am making arrangements to take my kids to breakfast instead of going to the school. I know how the email exchange goes. I now just walk away and go a different direction. I don’t need the headache.

  2. Oh great, I just joined the PTA at my son’s school. I’m scared for my life already.

  3. I’ve ducked PTA like Annie. Um, and ofcourse I feel ashamed, but they SCARE ME!

    You can hide here in California if you’d like. 😉

    Hang in there!

  4. I just discovered your blog! I had to laugh at the whole PTA thing. I’m scared of the PTA moms at my kid’s school! Is that wrong?

  5. You can hide out at my house — we’re very anti-PTA here. Loved your analysis of the various PTA Mom species. We breed an especially scary variety of the PTAnal and PTA II Moms here — the mutant You’re Only Cool if you Live in MY Snobby Neighborhood PTA Mom. The only way to survive that pack of wolves is to hide out in your less than desirable subdivision.

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