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Month: September 2008

I Can’t See You Through These Wagons. And I Am Grateful!

I Can’t See You Through These Wagons. And I Am Grateful!

Sometimes in life you have those days.  Those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.  And you freeze.  Those are the times you hope you are lucky enough to have people in your life that will circle the wagons and help protect you until you regain your footing.

A family member who can’t be with you but who calls you at least 20 times in a single day because she thought of “just one more thing that might help” and wanted to tell you.

Or a friend that you call and stammer a stutter until you finally just start crying and telling her you can’t give any details but you have to talk to someone.  And she doesn’t ask questions.  She is just there.  Lining up her wagon to join the circle around you.

Or your husband who surprises the hell out of you by showing you a side you have never seen but makes you love him even more than you thought you already did.

Or the stranger who sees you cry and just stands with you until you feel better.  Just because she didn’t want you to stand there alone on the sidewalk crying.

Sometimes you expect something–brace for something– coming from one direction and without ever seeing it coming something entirely different comes from the other way and slams you to the ground.  You feel unprepared.  Alone. Pissed off.  So very pissed off.

If your feet are knocked out from under you–whether it is something that happens to you or just in your life– I hope when you look around you, you see nothing but the wagons that have circled you.  And the people who care enough to be there.

Your family.  Your friends.  Your spouse.  Maybe even a stranger.

I hope you can’t see past them when you look because you know what?   They are what keeps you safe when you are vulnerable.  They watch your back when you drop to your knees.  They don’t need to have the answers.  Hell, they don’t even need to know the question.  They’re just there because you need them to be.

They are just there because you need them to be.

And you didn’t even have to ask.

I hope you have that, too.

Game on! Come to the book signing!

Game on! Come to the book signing!

Well, my friend, it appears that Hurricane Ike is going to leave D/FW alone (just blow a bit of rain and wind our way) so, the book signing?  It is still on.  My good friends at Barnes and Noble were not sure last night, but things are calm enough that we are going to keep things scheduled as planned.

So, if you do live in the North Dallas area, come to Barnes and Noble at Creekwalk Center in Plano at 1:00pm and I will be there signing Sleep is for the Weak.

Sorry, but this is not one that Rita will be at or anyone else except me!  But, hey, that makes it fun, huh!

Please come.  Don’t make me be the dork solo-author of a multi-author book sitting there by herself for two hours.  (You would think Dallas was a small city that I am all alone!)  Anyway, I would love to see you.

I will hug you (or not) if you show up.  And will have a give-away for anyone who comes away with the best picture. Because? I have none of those.

See ya there!