I think this is hilarious. Just kidding. I don’t. Just kidding. I wrote it. Just kidding I stole it. Just kidding.


We now have the most annoying game ever at my house. We try to out “Just Kidding” each other and see who can make the most bizarre “from here to there” segue possible. So far? I am so totally winning. Just kidding. My dog is. Just kidding. He doesn’t talk. Just kidding. He sings.

Fun for the person doing the talking. Annoying as crap to the people listening. Try it. You’ll like it. (Mikey does.)


  1. I’m thinking that she was just kidding.

    “not just kidding”

  2. She kids. She kids!

    My dog can kick your dog’s ass.
    Just kidding.


  3. That sounds like such fun… must try to add that into my daily activities.

  4. I can’t tell you how happy I am that people are starting to watch SNL again. I’ve been loyal even when they sucked (which is more often than not)and I always find that the skits that annoy me most are the ones I end up quoting most. Like when Tracy Morgan was Brian Fellows. I hated it, yet always say “That’s Crazy!” HILARIOUS!

    You’ve been given a much deserved blog award!

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