No you have not gone back in time

We moved the blog to a new server and therefore it set back the posts a month or more.  The newer posts will return shortly.

Just thought you should know to avoid…oh I don’t know…issues.



  1. very nice web site i found you when i was lookin for things on esophageal atresia for our son, i dono how but i did i just wanted to say very very nice!

  2. OK—I’m confused…?

  3. Your new site is just lovely. I miss you. Sending an email.

  4. Kimmy V

    I am soooo confused. I will admit that I haven’t logged on to your blog in a while and I was going to link you on my blog, because, well that’s how I roll. If you are linked on my blog, then it will force me to actually check up on you much more often, because you will be right there in front of me. So…Is this the right blog site? Is this the most current and up to the minute place to be? Direct me please, because, you know I lurves you and I wanna keep up with ya.

  5. Your feed is still a little wacky. I just got a feed for the first time (nov. 4) in a loooong time. I’ve missed almost 2 months!

    I’m baaaaack. 😉

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