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Who won the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt?

Who won the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt?

I know the hundreds of people who played Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt are wondering who won.

You are, aren’t you?

I can give you a hint.

(Forgive the deep breathing and obscene like phone call sound to it.  I have been battling walking pneumonia.)


Over at Parenting…Rules you should be aware of to survive teenage carpooling!

Over at Parenting…Rules you should be aware of to survive teenage carpooling!

Scroll down if you are looking for clues to the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt.  We are playing through Friday.  Yes!  You can still win!

Carpool.  It seems easy enough.  Grab your kid.  Throw Get them in the car.  Drive to school. Drop them off. Pick them up later.  If that is as easy as it is, you have young kids.  When they become teenagers, the rules?  They change.  Go read my 8 Simple Rules for Surviving Carpool:  Theirs and mine. And really?  You will be my bestest friend if you comment.  Did I mention how pretty you are?  Well, commenters are gorgeous!  I’m just sayin’!

Speaking of parents of older kids….guess what!

I have news for you!  Do you ever look at all of the parenting magazines and wonder what happens to these kids once they are out of diapers and into school and then (gah!) the teen years?  Where is our magazine?  Guess what!  It is coming!


Ever try to find good advice on homework and peer pressure? Yeah, good luck. There just isn’t a magazine out there now on what moms of older kids are desperate to know. But starting in January, there will be.

Welcome to Parenting School Years!

It’s the only magazine that covers the things moms of school-age kids really need — and the fun stuff that makes it all worthwhile.

It’s coming!  Be sure to sign up and you can even get a free bag with your subscription. I know I signed up as soon as I saw it.  And might I add, it is about time someone realizes that these babies grow up and parents would really like to see a magazine geared toward that phase in our lives!  Thank you, Parenting!  We love you!  Go. Now.  Get in on the beginning!

Go vote for you favorite Generation Huggies Mom video!

Go vote for you favorite Generation Huggies Mom video!

Scroll down if you are looking for clues to the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt.  We are playing through Friday.  Yes!  You can still win!

Having election withdraw?  Feel the need to vote?  Campaign?  Do you need to see some wonderful “candidates” to back? Well, some major elections (ahem…you know the ones) may have ended, but there are still one that is needs your voting!  And this one?  You have more than two candidates to choose from.  And?  Totally bipartisan!

November 20th (Today) is the last day for voting for your favorite Generation Huggies Mom videos! These are those wonderful candid clips from real Moms who talk about their journey through motherhood..the good, the bad and even the meaning of motherhood in their eyes.

But wait!  There is more!

There’s still time to submit your own candidacy. Simply upload a 60 second video from your webcam or camcorder reflecting on your experiences and you, too, can be eligible for the national ad campaign that will feature these amazing videos. If you are a Mom, grandmother, or stand in for a mom who needs your help, you are eligible.  I have my video up.  (Do not mock me or I will find you!)  Look under the celebrity moms and see my very stiff, on the fly yet sounding overly practiced video. (And yes, I did it on the fly with out another video to see what they wanted or needed.   And the celebrity mom thing?  Stop laughing.  I mean it.  Stop it!  (Hey, where else are you going to see me next to one of my favorite actresses from Days of our Lives and The Biggest Loser, Alison Sweeney?  I call that a win!  But, really…no mocking.  I mean it!

And while you’re on GenerationHuggies, you still have time (November 30th) to enter that $30,000 sweepstakes. Now THAT is a bailout I can get behind.

What are you waiting for? So go out and vote for something we can all support and many can relate to (Motherhood) and enter to win your chance at $30,000.  Now THAT is something I think we can all use about now.

So go!  Generation Huggies.  I can wait.  Then tell me you entered if you enter a video.  I want to see it!

Ready? Set? Clue time for the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt!

Ready? Set? Clue time for the Share the Blog Love Scavenger Hunt!


Here is how we play:

1. There are 7 bloggers participating in the Hunt and the goal of the game is to find those 7 bloggers through clues on each of those seven blogs.

2. After you find a blog leave a comment for the blogger, give them a compliment or just say, “Found you!”

3. At the last blog there will be a final clue as to what the mom site is.

4. Once you find that final mom website you need to join that site (it’s not a trap, or an e-mail harvesting thing, it’s a fun site) and then email ME at with a list of all seven blogs, plus the name of the mom site.

5. The first player to complete all of the above wins a great gift bag, including a beautiful Love/Joy freshwater pearl necklace and earrings.

Four runners up also win gift bags and there are also prizes for 10 players through a random drawing. Yes, a total of 15 prize packages!

Prize packages include amazing prizes from: Orville Redenbacher (popcorn and popcorn bowls); Rice Krispies (wonderful treat kits);  handcrafted jewelry; handcrafted bags; and more!

6. The contest begins today, Monday, November 17th, 2008 and it ends on Friday, November 21st, 2008 and winners will be announced on Monday, November 24th, 2008.

Hurry, though the first person to complete the Hunt wins the grand prize!

(If you think you know it and you don’t find the next clue, keep checking frequently as the sites are putting up clues as we speak):

Now?  Are you ready?

In order to find your first blog (of 7) in this scavenger hunt, you must pay attention to the clue. Some clues are easy, some not so much.  Here is your first clue.

This mom blogger is super busy between taking kids to volleyball and soccer and twittering but you may be able to find her chatting around the watercooler or writing on one of her other blogs. She’s been around the blogosphere longer than many but still keeps it fresh.  I don’t know how she does it!  It must be the fact she is fueled by caffeine.

Find the blog and let’s get started!

[Remember:  I am the starting point. I am not blog #1.  However, I am leading you to Blog #1.   Let me know you found the starting point so we know you are off and playing!]

I’m going on a Scavenger Hunt–Blog Style!

I’m going on a Scavenger Hunt–Blog Style!

Do you want to play a game?  Do you want to win prizes?  Do you want to find blogs that may be new to you and Share the Love?

Then come play the Share the Blog Love Scavenger hunt.

Well, Jenn, where do I begin?

I am so glad you asked.

Look for your first clue to your first blog here on Mommy Needs Coffee at 1:45pm CST and let the games begin.

There are fun bloggers playing.  Great prizes to be won.  And?  It is Monday.  What else do you have to do?  Okay, work.  But what else?  Okay, parenting.  But really?  What else?

The Share the Love Scavenger Hunt will start here with your first clue today.  It runs through Friday at midnight, CST.  The winners (and there will be many) will be announced on Monday, November 24th.

Come on…you know you want to play!

Stay tuned…

My Worlds Have Collided!

My Worlds Have Collided!

The other night as I was reading in bed (and pondering life etc), Clint came in ready to go to bed. To him going to bed means it is time to sleep. (Silly man!) To me?  It means, let’s talk!

So as he began to crawl into bed I looked at him and said, “My worlds are colliding, honey.”

I saw him pause.  No doubt debating whether or not to ignore me and pretend I was not trying to start a converstaion or answer me.  I knew he was weighing the odds as to which would get him to sleep sooner.  The smart man chose to answer me knowing that I would talk whether he answered or not.  Ignoring me would just make it harder on him

“What do you mean ‘colliding’ honey?”

So glad he chose to chat I began with my explanation.

“Remember how way back when I signed up for Facebook.  My blogging friends and co-workers were there and it looked like a great way to keep in touch.”


“Are you even listening?”

“Of course.”

“Okay, so then a few of my PTA friends found me and friended me.  P.T.A. people. They see my online world.  Now, I know they know my online world is there but now they are a part of it.”

“mmm hmmmmm”

I poked him because surely he was not paying attention like he should.

“Okay. So you have online friends and PTA friends on Facebook.  So?”

I rolled my eyes.  Does this man even get it?

“Wait.  It gets better.”

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