My Worlds Have Collided!

My Worlds Have Collided!

The other night as I was reading in bed (and pondering life etc), Clint came in ready to go to bed. To him going to bed means it is time to sleep. (Silly man!) To me?  It means, let’s talk!

So as he began to crawl into bed I looked at him and said, “My worlds are colliding, honey.”

I saw him pause.  No doubt debating whether or not to ignore me and pretend I was not trying to start a converstaion or answer me.  I knew he was weighing the odds as to which would get him to sleep sooner.  The smart man chose to answer me knowing that I would talk whether he answered or not.  Ignoring me would just make it harder on him

“What do you mean ‘colliding’ honey?”

So glad he chose to chat I began with my explanation.

“Remember how way back when I signed up for Facebook.  My blogging friends and co-workers were there and it looked like a great way to keep in touch.”


“Are you even listening?”

“Of course.”

“Okay, so then a few of my PTA friends found me and friended me.  P.T.A. people. They see my online world.  Now, I know they know my online world is there but now they are a part of it.”

“mmm hmmmmm”

I poked him because surely he was not paying attention like he should.

“Okay. So you have online friends and PTA friends on Facebook.  So?”

I rolled my eyes.  Does this man even get it?

“Wait.  It gets better.”

“Really?” he replied, “because this is riveting so far.”

(Yes, that got him an elbow.)

“So now?  Now, half of my high school is now on Facebook, too.  I mean, all of my compartmentalized worlds are now all mixing together in one place.  People I have not spoken to in years are suddenly seeing me 20 years later as I am today.  Strange, huh?’

“Is the answer yes?”


“So, now I find messages on my wall from blogging friends, high school friends, co-workers, PTA.  They are all there.  In one place.  Bizzarre.”



He sighed and asked, “So what?  I mean, are you the same person to all of these people or are you a different Jenn to each group?”

Rolling my eyes, I replied, “Please!  Like I even know how to be anyone but who I am.  I learned that years ago.  I am the same person.  I let it all hang out with any and all of them.  Are you calling me two-faced or phoney?’

I saw the look cross his face wondering how he was suddenly in the hot seat for no apparent reason.  (Sometimes it is just fun to mess with him.)

“So what you are saying is that it is a problem that all of your worlds are colliding?”

“No. I never said it was a problem.  I was just making a statement.”

“So what is the point of this dilemma?”

“Oh, there is no dilemma.  I was just telling you this interesting fact of my life.”

He rolled over and turned off the light.

“What?  I’m just sayin’! Goodness.”

I guess this is why he tries to avoid my late night babble-assing.  Who could blame him?

But still.  It is fun to mess with him at times.

7 thoughts on “My Worlds Have Collided!

  1. I keep my blog anonymous. Facebook does not list my blog or twitter name. I wonder if I should open up my blog, but sometimes I vent about family so would not want family reading. A dilemma…

  2. My Facebook page is a bizarre mix of friends, coworkers, family member and neighbors. But I keep my online world (blogger ID and online acquaintances) separate to maintain anonymity. It takes some make-my-brain-hurt thinking sometimes to maintain that separation (like remembering not to comment on a blog post that you’re sending to co-workers. Too much thinking…ouch), but so far so good.

  3. YES! I find this so interesting. I just started Facebook and it freaks me out a bit to be ‘open’ to people I haven’t spoken to in years. But, what is weirder is deciding whether or not to friend other bloggers. Most of them don’t know my real name, so would probably think “who the heck is this” and I can’t decide if I want to change that bit of anonymity I still have. . .

  4. My sister recently started reading my blog and then my brother followed suit. They always knew about it but only just started reading. They definitely do not know me at all though this isn’t my fault.

    It’s odd.

  5. LOL at messing with him! But, I know the feeling…I joined Facebook a few months ago and have felt exactly the same way.

    Another example – Years ago, we went to Disney with our best friends from college and my best friend from high school (who lives on the other side of the country) and her husband. The next year, college friend flew across country for a conference and met up with high school friend for dinner. Worlds colliding – and without me there!

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