Over at Parenting…Rules you should be aware of to survive teenage carpooling!

Over at Parenting…Rules you should be aware of to survive teenage carpooling!

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Carpool.  It seems easy enough.  Grab your kid.  Throw Get them in the car.  Drive to school. Drop them off. Pick them up later.  If that is as easy as it is, you have young kids.  When they become teenagers, the rules?  They change.  Go read my 8 Simple Rules for Surviving Carpool:  Theirs and mine. And really?  You will be my bestest friend if you comment.  Did I mention how pretty you are?  Well, commenters are gorgeous!  I’m just sayin’!

Speaking of parents of older kids….guess what!

I have news for you!  Do you ever look at all of the parenting magazines and wonder what happens to these kids once they are out of diapers and into school and then (gah!) the teen years?  Where is our magazine?  Guess what!  It is coming!


Ever try to find good advice on homework and peer pressure? Yeah, good luck. There just isn’t a magazine out there now on what moms of older kids are desperate to know. But starting in January, there will be.

Welcome to Parenting School Years!

It’s the only magazine that covers the things moms of school-age kids really need — and the fun stuff that makes it all worthwhile.

It’s coming!  Be sure to sign up and you can even get a free bag with your subscription. I know I signed up as soon as I saw it.  And might I add, it is about time someone realizes that these babies grow up and parents would really like to see a magazine geared toward that phase in our lives!  Thank you, Parenting!  We love you!  Go. Now.  Get in on the beginning!

5 thoughts on “Over at Parenting…Rules you should be aware of to survive teenage carpooling!

  1. I know when I come here,I can always look forward to some great ideas,or some up and coming useful info!
    Yesss,how about a mag about kids that are already grown and still aren’t all the way out of the nest?lol

  2. A year or so ago blogs started turning up that addressed this age group. Today I found myself listening to two coworkers who were ranting about their 2-yr-olds; I had to tell them it happens again when the kids hit their teens!

  3. What I really need isn’t Parenting through the grade school years, I need Parenting those jr. high/ high school years!! That or psychotherapy. I’m just sayin’.

    Loved the carpool rules post! Still laughing with tears!

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