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Generation Huggies Winners!

Generation Huggies Winners!

Remember when I told you that I was working  with Generation Huggies interviewing moms?  They searched for 30 moms to feature in their 30th Anniversary ad campaign.  Remember when I asked you to go vote for your favorite? Well, the winners have been chosen!  Check out these videos out at Generation

Click the Winners Gallery Tab and see listen to what these women had to say about Motherhood.  As I eagerly watched through the videos, I was thrilled to find one of the moms that I met at the Texas State Fair.  Her name is Britt.  She was so nice and so kind!  I adored her immediately.  Imagine my delight to see that she was one of the chosen winners of hundreds of entries.  Britt will be featured in a national ad campaign for Huggies.

Meet Britt from the Dallas area. (Click to enlarge.)

Meet Britt
Meet Britt

It’s not to late for you to share with us your thoughts on motherhood.  Come over to The Motherhood and tell us what motherhood means to you.  It is fun to hear what other moms think and share!

Stay tuned and I may have another surprise for you!

A PR Firm that Gets It. (Or the shocking revelation that there can be mutual respect between mom bloggers and the PR world)

A PR Firm that Gets It. (Or the shocking revelation that there can be mutual respect between mom bloggers and the PR world)

I have been wanting to write about this for a while now.  But, by now you know me and know that I get sidetracked and busy with life and deadlines and forget to share these things with you.

With such “fine examples”  as the one Liz shared with us of how some PR firms handle their bloggers, I want to share with you a company that has forever earned my respect.

Recently, I was asked to speak at a workshop as part of a special Social Media Month at the Dallas office of the international firm of Weber Shandwick Worldwide.   They wanted me to speak at their workshop on reaching out to Mom and Parenting Blogs.   They wanted to get a feel for what readers and mom bloggers want to hear about, what they’re looking for, best ways and reasons to contact them, and some of the best practices I have come across with marketing to moms.

Let me say right now, I told them upfront that I was in no way speaking for all mom bloggers or all parenting bloggers.  I also said made sure they knew  what I was sharing were things  I preferred, my experiences and the experiences of mom bloggers that I have spoken to when it comes to marketing to mom bloggers.  (Yes, Virginia, there is a mom blogger back channel that talks about blog pitches–the good, the bad and the “what were they thinking?!”)

The room was filled and even had the  *”phantom voice of one who is connected” all there to try to learn how to approach mom bloggers.  They wanted to know some do’s and don’ts.  They also wanted to hear the good stories and the horror stories.  I shared with them what I knew.  What I preferred.  What I have heard other moms say they prefer. And things that will quickly insult us or get you sent straight to our spam folder.  I shared a few of our insider secrets and they shared a few of theirs.

If I had to sum it all up in one word?

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Meet Karl

Meet Karl

You know I am a sucker when you people ask me for something.  I just cannot resist.  (And because I am madly in love with my new boy…)  Here are two pictures of Karl.

One thing about Karl that makes him irresistable to me is that one of his ears doesn’t quite stand up tall.   Dobies are known and judged for how their ears stand tall and look “imposing” when they stare you down.

Karl?  He has one ear that just doesn’t stand up like most Dobies.  As soon as I saw him and his floppy ear, I fell in love. When I was told by a vet that there are ways to fix it, I became like crazy mama.  “You will not touch that ear. It makes him…well…Karl!”

Readers, meet Karl:

Karl chilling out with his new ball

And here is a close-up on that oh-so-precious- I-could-bite-it ear.

Karl and his adorable ear

He is the sweetest boy ever.  He looks to us to let him know who is friend and who is foe.  Though, he does have a bit of an “emo” streak going on now and then.  I have never met a dog that sighs as loudly and in such a dramatically guttural way as he does. It is more like a deep moaning than a sigh.  He has been referred to more than once as “Emo Dog”.  But he is loving and sweet and wants to be where ever his “pack” happens to be.

Which includes the bed.  He seems to think it is his and therefore thinks that when he lies down it is just fine to take up 2/3 of the bed.  (I usually let him.  Clint? Not so much.)

He is an addition we never would of dreamt of. We never would have planned for it.  Yet, we never could imagine not having him in our family now.

I am sure you will be hearing a lot about Karl and his incouragable acts.  For now, we are just enjoying him and his adorable personality.

Rescuing Karl

Rescuing Karl

You all blow me away with your heartfelt sympathy for my sweet Harley.  So, it is only fair that I share a story with you. One of those Fate meet Jenn kind of stories.  The amazing tale of Karl.

When Harley died we were naturally devestated.  He was only 4 and in ways it felt like we were just getting to know the sweet boy even though we also felt like he had been with us forever.  We bought Harley from a breeder with award winning bloodlines.  These people not only cared about what happens to their puppies when they are sold but keeps in touch and likes it when we bring them back to “visit” them.  They knew Harley had cancer and were so heartbroken for us and for Harley.

So, after Harley died we contacted them to let them know.  What happened after that was nothing short of amazing.

The breeder, Karen, emailed her condolances and told us when we were up to it we could come over and find a new “companion” to love and cherish as we did Harley.  She also–as an aside– mentioned that they had a 4 year old male Dobie that had to be returned because his family moved overseas.

That in and of itself was not what got our attention.  It was the following comment.

Oh My Gosh!!!You are not going to believe this but I went back through
my litter folders and I was shocked/stunned to find out that Karl is a
litter brother to Harley.

That’s right.  Harley’s litter mate/brother.  We met him when he was a puppy.

It was on the day that Harley died that Karl was returned to Karen.

How could we not go meet him?

We told the kids it might not work out for many reasons.  The first being that we don’t know his personality or how he behaves.

Just as any siblings, Karl is very different from Harley. (For that we are thankful because it would have been too hard to have a puppy that acted and looked a lot like Harley.)  We worried that Karl might not take to us or do well with the kids.  That worry was immediately erased when the first person he attached himself to was Gabriella.  He then did the one thing that would seal the deal for me.  He came up to me, sat on (Not at.  Dobies don’t sit at people’s feet. They sit on them) and gave me a big kiss.

After a family vote, our decision was made.

We have welcomed Harley’s brother Karl into our home and family and couldn’t be happier.  We are again a family of 6–fur baby included.

I say we rescued Karl but the truth is…he rescued us right back.


Sometimes it just takes your breath away.

In Loving Memory- (Wo)man’s Best Friend

In Loving Memory- (Wo)man’s Best Friend

Harley Oct 12, 2004-January 3, 2009
Harley Oct 12, 2004-January 3, 2009

Today we are very sad here at home.  Our “fur baby” Harley passed away.  His cancer was just too much for him to fight anymore.  When he was diagnosed, they gave him 4-6 weeks to live.  He gave us 5 months full of life.  Our sweet Doberbutt was a strong fighter.

Clint and I were with him when he passed away.  It was peaceful and heartbreaking but he was not alone.  He was being loved and kissed on and held the entire time.  I didn’t want to soak his face in my tears but I couldn’t help it.  I kept eye contact with him as long as he could.  And then he was gone.

I just miss him.  I wait to hear him come up behind me and nudge me to go outside.  I still walk cautiously afraid he is going to come barrelling around a corner and take me down.  I keep waiting for that cold nose on my arm just wanting my attention.

I remember bringing him home and how sweet he was.  Such a  tiny little Doberman. Little did we know how big he would get later!  I admit it did take me a while to bond with him.  Calling him Sir Craps A Lot wasn’t the best bonding tactic but it worked at the time and we moved passed that to being the best of nap buddies.  All I had to say was, “Let’s take a nap!” and he was off like a shot in bed with is head on the pillow before I could even get out of the room. But we did bond.   I think the fact that I bit him (yes, I bit our dog) sealed our tight bond and closeness.  Well, that and the fact that we would place chase through the house when we were bored.

When Mom died, he was the one who sat with me hour after hour while I cried my eyes out and felt so lost.  He let me scream and then weep and then scream some more.  Never leaving my side.  He helped me get through one of the darkest times of my life.  Always there to snuggle or run or just be there. He was my friend.  He was my confidant.  He was my sweet fur baby.

I will cherish the few short years we had with him.

But, oh, how I miss him already.