A PR Firm that Gets It. (Or the shocking revelation that there can be mutual respect between mom bloggers and the PR world)

A PR Firm that Gets It. (Or the shocking revelation that there can be mutual respect between mom bloggers and the PR world)

I have been wanting to write about this for a while now.  But, by now you know me and know that I get sidetracked and busy with life and deadlines and forget to share these things with you.

With such “fine examples”  as the one Liz shared with us of how some PR firms handle their bloggers, I want to share with you a company that has forever earned my respect.

Recently, I was asked to speak at a workshop as part of a special Social Media Month at the Dallas office of the international firm of Weber Shandwick Worldwide.   They wanted me to speak at their workshop on reaching out to Mom and Parenting Blogs.   They wanted to get a feel for what readers and mom bloggers want to hear about, what they’re looking for, best ways and reasons to contact them, and some of the best practices I have come across with marketing to moms.

Let me say right now, I told them upfront that I was in no way speaking for all mom bloggers or all parenting bloggers.  I also said made sure they knew  what I was sharing were things  I preferred, my experiences and the experiences of mom bloggers that I have spoken to when it comes to marketing to mom bloggers.  (Yes, Virginia, there is a mom blogger back channel that talks about blog pitches–the good, the bad and the “what were they thinking?!”)

The room was filled and even had the  *”phantom voice of one who is connected” all there to try to learn how to approach mom bloggers.  They wanted to know some do’s and don’ts.  They also wanted to hear the good stories and the horror stories.  I shared with them what I knew.  What I preferred.  What I have heard other moms say they prefer. And things that will quickly insult us or get you sent straight to our spam folder.  I shared a few of our insider secrets and they shared a few of theirs.

If I had to sum it all up in one word?


They showed me immense respect.  It was mutual.  Not only was I able to share with them some of my ideas, but I learned from them a thing or two that helps them when working with their clients.

This is a company that not only gets it, but wants to make sure that they are doing their best to show mom bloggers respect.  I appreciate that so much!

It was such a great seminar with such great conversation that I tried to convince Laurel and Brian (two of my new Weber Shandwick Dallas office BFF’s) that we needed to do that every week.  I came away feeling appreciated, respected and uplifted.  Frankly, after some of the PR firms I have worked with, that is a refreshing and much needed change.

Thanks, Weber Shandwick for showing respect to mom bloggers.  You rock my PR world!

*Note: The phantom voice who is connected was actually on a speaker phone that I did not see and was not aware was there.  And here I thought I had the ear of God when it came to PR.

(Disclaimer:  I did this seminar to help relations between mom bloggers and PR firms.  The only compensation I received was how much fun I had. And a donut.  The donut was really good, too.)

11 thoughts on “A PR Firm that Gets It. (Or the shocking revelation that there can be mutual respect between mom bloggers and the PR world)

  1. I think that’s just awesome. I’ve had some very good interactions with them as well. But I will say the ultimate form of respect is $$$.

    Do you know what professionals get paid to come in and lead a workshop for a day? Just saying.

  2. Thanks for this article. I’m sometimes {often} surprised at the lack of research that goes into a pitch. It’s nice to know there are some companies that will go out of their way to market properly to moms.

  3. Respect is really the key!!!

    Fleishman-Hillard Inc. is another great PR firm to mommy bloggers. They represent Land’s End and Smart Shopper and every rep I’ve worked with there has been so appreciative of the value we bring to their clients.

  4. I’ve been following Liz’s trauma (having been dealing with the exact same thing myself in the past two weeks) and read her post and had to swing by to see what your take was. I completely agree, I’ve been impressed with WS and have loved working with them. I’d also add Edelman, BSM and MSL that have been great to work with. A few others? Not so much.

    Nice way to focus on the positive, very classy!

  5. Geez, I just had PunditMom at my company in DC for a similar gig but just for lunch. I gotta git me a Dallas office… 😉

    seriously, I’m so pleased you did that, even if it was for a competitor. We need all the help we can get.

  6. ha…I’m glad the donut was valid compensation for you!

    It’s great to see a PR firm that wants to understand the public, bloggers and the clients that they work with.

    Great article.


  7. Yep, Weber Shandwick is on my top ten list of pr firms who, you know, get bloggers…especially, us mom-types. Great post!

  8. I want to second your kudos to Weber Shandwick. I’ve had nothing but great experiences every time I’ve worked with one of their reps. They are professional, respectful – and I think they truly have an understanding of our medium.

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