Rescuing Karl

You all blow me away with your heartfelt sympathy for my sweet Harley.  So, it is only fair that I share a story with you. One of those Fate meet Jenn kind of stories.  The amazing tale of Karl.

When Harley died we were naturally devestated.  He was only 4 and in ways it felt like we were just getting to know the sweet boy even though we also felt like he had been with us forever.  We bought Harley from a breeder with award winning bloodlines.  These people not only cared about what happens to their puppies when they are sold but keeps in touch and likes it when we bring them back to “visit” them.  They knew Harley had cancer and were so heartbroken for us and for Harley.

So, after Harley died we contacted them to let them know.  What happened after that was nothing short of amazing.

The breeder, Karen, emailed her condolances and told us when we were up to it we could come over and find a new “companion” to love and cherish as we did Harley.  She also–as an aside– mentioned that they had a 4 year old male Dobie that had to be returned because his family moved overseas.

That in and of itself was not what got our attention.  It was the following comment.

Oh My Gosh!!!You are not going to believe this but I went back through
my litter folders and I was shocked/stunned to find out that Karl is a
litter brother to Harley.

That’s right.  Harley’s litter mate/brother.  We met him when he was a puppy.

It was on the day that Harley died that Karl was returned to Karen.

How could we not go meet him?

We told the kids it might not work out for many reasons.  The first being that we don’t know his personality or how he behaves.

Just as any siblings, Karl is very different from Harley. (For that we are thankful because it would have been too hard to have a puppy that acted and looked a lot like Harley.)  We worried that Karl might not take to us or do well with the kids.  That worry was immediately erased when the first person he attached himself to was Gabriella.  He then did the one thing that would seal the deal for me.  He came up to me, sat on (Not at.  Dobies don’t sit at people’s feet. They sit on them) and gave me a big kiss.

After a family vote, our decision was made.

We have welcomed Harley’s brother Karl into our home and family and couldn’t be happier.  We are again a family of 6–fur baby included.

I say we rescued Karl but the truth is…he rescued us right back.


Sometimes it just takes your breath away.


  1. That story made me smile 🙂 I think big dogs in general sit on feet…or at least my boxer sits on my feet. I’m glad you guys found the addition that works for you and fate- you never know 😉

  2. It certainly seems like fate that Karl would join your family right now. He won’t replace Harley but make his own space in your heart. I’m happy for you that you have a new fur-baby to love.

  3. The only thing that could make this post more perfect is a picture…

  4. Oh…that is wonderful! What a nice twist of fate!

  5. There aren’t many dogs as devoted and sweet natured as a Dobe and the serendipity of Karl is amazing. What a wonderful story!

  6. It just doesn’t get any better than that. We worked with a breeder also on our first dobe…he was shown until about 7 months when he developed a dip at the shoulders. Then we got him and they also kept in touch. Then we were the ones that got overseas orders and the breeder helped us find him a loving home.

    Love dobes.

  7. Oh my goodness, Jenn! What serendipity. I’m so happy for you all and for Karl. I bet Harley is smiling down on you all.

  8. ohh. sometimes it really does

  9. Shanda

    That is an AWESOME story, Jenn!
    So, when do we get to see pictures of your Karl?!

  10. What a great story! Fate does have a funny way…

  11. I’m just catching up now sweetie! So sorry to hear about Harley but what a heartwarming turn of events, eh? That’s fantastic!

  12. Looking forward to posts that will mention (or even star) Karl, and seeing his photos too.

  13. I love it. Thank you for sharing this.

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  15. What a great post. I wish all breeder naysayers would understand that good breeders are like this. I am sorry for your loss but very eager to read of your future adventures with Karl.

  16. I don’t know how or why I haven’t found your blog sooner- maybe I read it once a long time ago – Darling BFF you sure have a way with words. I am wiping tears as I read your wonderful talent. Keep up the good work and kisses to Karl.

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