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Month: February 2009

Why do I still blog after all these years and can I still love it?

Why do I still blog after all these years and can I still love it?

I have a confession to make.  This whole blogging thing has beaten me down lately.  Can you believe I have been at this for almost 6 years?  I can see how it has taken a downward slide lately.  I was talking to an old friend of mine who mentioned that I just don’t update as often and he missed reading it.  We talked about how it used to make him either laugh, think or just get a glimpse into my life.  You know what?  I miss that blog, too.  I thought maybe I fell out of love with blogging and was ready to move on, but that just isn’t how I really feel.  I really enjoy writing over at Parenting because  I get a chance– the freedom– to do what I love to do:  tell stories.  Maybe  the chance to make someone laugh or think.   Or just laugh because thinking can be overrated.

I have been talking to friends of mine who have been at this for a few years as well and they have felt it, too.  And it isn’t just burn out.  I don’t think it is all about how much things have changed either.  Though, that is a lot of it.  Back “in the day” when some of us started blogging it was story telling and commenting and hanging out on each others’ blogs to share our lives and stories.  SEO?  What is the world was that?  Reviews?  That was just when we laughed at someone else’s stupid typos in a post.   Blogging trips?  That was when you went to another blogger’s home to visit.  It was just different.  It’s not like I am sitting in a rocking chair talking about the good old days and yelling at the new bloggers to get off of my lawn.  Change happens.  “Blogging just isn’t as easy as it used to be.”

I am at a turning point in this whole thing.  I either remember why I love blogging and get to it or I play the game that the new wave of blogging has become or I quit.  Well, let’s just say upfront that quitting is not an option for me.  I love writing. I love telling stories.  I love my corner of the Internet– cobwebs and all.  But phoning it in and posting only because I am being told I have to by someone else who has no interest in my blog but in my pageviews or even just writing to say “Hey, look! I have a blog!”  are not acceptable to me anymore.  Write or get off the blog.

And then my dorkner-in-crime wrote such a brilliant post that I am going to cut it paste it right here.

No.  Not really.

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Join us at the Motherhood as we Flip out!

Join us at the Motherhood as we Flip out!

The Motherhood just launched a fun new project.  Real moms. Unscripted. Unrehearsed. Unedited.  Just doing what we do best.  Want a sneak peek?  Go over to The Sisterhood of the Traveling Flip and see what I have to say about our girlfriends–those women in our life who help us get through our day to day lives.  Kind of like The Motherhood!  Also, we have some fun and wonderful moms who will be making appearances all week.  You won’t want to miss it!

Come over and join us! You, too, can play vlogger with rest of us!

New Review Up (over there)

New Review Up (over there)

I have a review up at Fresh Brewed Reviews where you can win an iPod touch for all of my hard work. That’s right…you win because I love you that much.  Go over there and read it.  If you have trouble commenting, comment here.

The Lemonade Award- When life hands you lemons, feel free to ask for coffee…unless it is this award. Then keep it.

The Lemonade Award- When life hands you lemons, feel free to ask for coffee…unless it is this award. Then keep it.

lemonade award Liz from This Full House nominated me for the The Lemonade Award. ( It was like ages ago but it didn’t have a time limit on it!)   I am not sure if she is telling me to go suck a lemon or if I need to lay off the Diet Coke and drink more lemonade or if she just feels sorry for me that I am did not go with her to the Cambell’s plant in Philadelphia (or on any of her trips or even to her house) even though I am in a “relationship” with Weber Shandwick here in Dallas.  Whichever, I gladly accept this award.  (Though her reason for giving it to me is because I talk funny. A girl from Joisey telling me I talk funny? cha!)

Why the lemonade award?

It is given as appreciation for those people who have shown a great attitude or gratitude this week.  It is tough to narrow it down (and not duplicate someone I know has already received it) but I can do.

I hereby award this Lemonade Award to the following bloggers:

  • Kimberly of Petroville because she has shown great strength after losing her dog to cancer. And?  She finds things to be grateful for even when she feel uninspired. I love reading her and am a huge fan. I am always inspired when I visit her site! She thinks she may have fallen out of love with blogging. Tell her not to!
  • Headless Mom because OMG…she had me at headless Barbie!  Oh, yes, she did!  I had some of the best talks with her at BlogHer and cannot wait to see her again. (And? She knows some of my secrets. Shhhhh) She rocks and headless or not, you should be reading her.
  • Karen Janet (duh! I have the flu and mistyped her name. She gets a bonus award for my stupidity!) of Caffeinatrix because she has the courage to start over online after years because it felt right.  I totally admire that.  (And?  She knows too many of my secrets, too.)
  • Jenny of Three Kid Circus because she was my former partner in crime and more importantly she always has a nice thing to say to everyone. And? She is stressed out. Give her love!
  • Shannon of Rocks in My Dryer because…wow…she is just brilliant and inspiring.  Talk about a marketing genius. She is one for sure.
  • Katherine of Raising Five because I have known her for 15 years and when I say she is as real as it gets, I mean it. She puts it out there without apology.   And? She saved my hiney on a project recently.
  • MagnetoBold because she always make me laugh.  And? She comments. What more can you ask for?
  • Slouching Mom of Slouching Past 40 because every time I read her I can relate on some level. Read her. I mean it.
  • Kristen of Mommy Needs a Cocktail because…well, who doesn’t. And? When I met her in person I wanted to take her home with me to be my real life daily friend. (And still use her shot glass she gave me.)
  • Daisy of Compost Happens because 1) She is a wonderful reader and commenter and 2) She is feeling under the weather, too.  We sick ones must stick together.
  • Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas because once I found her, I was hooked. Are you? You should be, too!

Oh, and even though this is supposed to be awarded to bloggers and not “sites”, I am still sending an honorary award to The Motherhood.  This is an amazing site for moms, moms-to-be, people who know moms etc.  It is my daily hang out and they have something for everyone.  They get the award, too!

Feel like sharing  the award? Not a problem, all you have to do is:

  • Put the logo on your blog or post.
  • Nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude! Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  • Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Now I am off to tag all of those bloggers. (And if I did not tag you it is because someone else did and I can’t break the rules and re-tag you. BUT…I do still love you!)

Thanks, Liz, for always making me feel like blogging and keeping it real. I shall stalk adore you forever. (And you get the award right back because…you are Liz.)

Rough times bring slow blogging

Rough times bring slow blogging

Wait?  I have a blog? One that is supposed to be updated nearly daily?  When did that happen?  Oh yeah…back in 2003. My bad.

Right now posting will be slow.  Why?  I am glad you asked.

First, my son has had the flu.  You’ve heard of that flu that the flu shot doesn’t work on?  The one where there are no meds to make you feel better?  That’s the one.  He has that.   But, being the kind, sharing boy that he is, he shared it.  With me.  Which explains why I passed out on Monday.  I am now in the “leave me alone and let me sleep for a week or so” stage.  Posting just doesn’t seem to be a top priority.

But worst than that, my father-in-law passed away today.  My heart is broken for my husband.  You see, my mother-in-law died in early 1996.  Shortly afterwards my father-in-law remarried a horrible and unstable woman.  Things went downhill from there.  She did everything she could to separate my father-in-law from my husband and his brothers.  When i say everything, I really do mean everything.  There was no contact because of her.

I am heartbroken for everyone.

My son heard and looked at me and said, “It sucks. Now I only have one grandparent.”  That shattered me for him.

So, even though I am “supposed” to update, I hope you understand that right now, I just need to take care of my family.

Tell me something good in your life. Link me to your blog so I can read about what is happening with you.  I want to live your life for a while.

Marketing to Moms: The Good PR Firms Get the Link Love Here! (So leave your link love for crying out loud!)

Marketing to Moms: The Good PR Firms Get the Link Love Here! (So leave your link love for crying out loud!)

When I first wrote this post praising Weber Shandwick Dallas for their amazing social media and PR departments, my only reason behind it was to show that there are some great relationships between mom bloggers and PR people.  I was a bit surprised by the number of emails and tweets etc that I got in response.   Some of you wanted to tell me all about the wonderful PR companies you have worked with.  A few wanted to share horror stories.  One person called me a sell out for “giving it away for free” just because someone asked me to share my thoughts with them.  (Dude, didn’t you read the post. I got a freakin’ donut!)

I am not going to say I don’t like to get free things and tell you all about it. (I will tell you right up front I have a not so flattering nickname when it comes to my adoration of getting products to review.)  I am not saying I don’t want to be invited on blogger trips. (For the record, I have never gone on one.)  I think those things are fabulous and a great marketing tool!  I mean, come on, let’s be real about it.  It works.   But I didn’t write it to get on some “good list” that must be floating around out there.  (Is it? Am I on it? Ha!)  I wrote it because I figured something out.

Marketing to Moms can be done and done well when both parties respect each other.

Both sides.

I have spent hours talking to some of the people I have worked with about what they need from mom bloggers and what they are trying to achieve with some of their promotions.  That was the key for me.  Now?  When I am asked to promote, review, or sample a product or service one of my first questions is “What does your client want to know?”   Do they want to know if I like their product?  If I would use their product?  If I would recommend the product but have no use for it myself?  If the product is total crap and they need to rework everything?  Do they really want the truth?  Yes, there are some out there that just want a mention.  Some–most– truly want to know what you thought about the product–good or bad.  And some are just trying to get the word out and don’t care what you do with it.  (Not that I have found many sincere ones that fall into that category.)

But in all seriousness, I loved reading about the relationships that mom bloggers have been able to form with some PR reps.  It is way more refreshing than reading about the horror stories.  Liz of This Full House (and my own blogging idol) wrote a post about my post about her post.  (Did you get that?)

I thought that I would follow in her footsteps and write a post like that as well.

Then I thought I would do something a bit different. (So she won’t accuse me of stalking and stuff.)

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