Let the PTA mocking begin

Let the PTA mocking begin

Okay for those of you who do not know this already, go read why it is best to never say never on my Parenting Magazine column.  Go on.  Read it.  We will wait.

Did you read it?

Now, many of my long time readers are sitting there with either their mouth agape, or they are spewing their drink on their computer OR they are laughing so hard they can hardly read this. (You people laughing, so not nice.)  I know. I KNOW.  The anti-PTA, fall down and play dead if they approach, mock all things PTA and call them Stepfords drank the Kool Aid.

You are now reading the blog of….(insert either a drumroll or Taps here) the president of the [insert elementary school name here] PTA.  Yes, you read that correctly.  No, it is not an April Fool’s joke.  Yes, I am serious.

PTA president.  WHAT HAVE I DONE?  (If ever a sentence deserves all caps, it is that one!)

Okay, so before I get into details, feel free to let the open mocking, laughing and “you did what?!” comments flow. Because? I will bite you if you keep it up past this post.  (Although “they” say I have to be nice now.  Do they not read this blog??)

First the economy tanks and then people actually nominated, voted and elected ME to be the PTA president.  What is next? Locusts and plagues?

There are more than one of you I know are dying to let me have it. Bring it.  I can take it.  I have power now.  (Bwhahaha Yes!  I did spit out my drink at that one!)

Stepford Mom?

13 thoughts on “Let the PTA mocking begin

  1. Stumbled upon your blog after a link on Twitter today via @ptaeditor. . .enjoyed reading this post. . and look forward to hearing more about your presidency. I have my own PTA stories – we should get together for coffee!

  2. Been there done that on the politics of PTA. I like peace and tranquility. The jealousy was too much for me. I being asked to do a number of things without having to be directly involved. I like it way better! I won’t mock you, but wish you luck. Hopefully you won’t encounter the drama, pettiness and jealousy!

  3. Congratulations Madam President. Of course your election did coincide with the Swine Flu Epidemic and earthquakes in Mexico. Coincidence?

  4. Ha!!! Um, enjoy?? I would definitely bring a gavel or something to the meetings….or just threaten to blog about the drama. Seriously though, if it makes your daughter’s school a better place, then you rock!!

  5. OMGosh! This sounded like the post I’m writing…except people know me well enough to know I would kill someone as prez. I was nominated, voted for, and elected Sec. this week. Cray. The current Secretary asked my daughters teacher how she thought I would do…to which she replied “She sure won’t take all that drama.” Ha. They are in for a treat.
    Good Luck! You sure sound like a great mom!!

  6. So sorry. My sympathies. That said, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Good thing it’s not morning, or I might have snorted coffee out my nose.

  7. yay for you. just make sure that you, unlike the president of my schools pta…don’t have camel toes. k? just sayin’

  8. I won’t make fun, I got sucked into the secretarial position last year, and share your many STRONG feelings about the PTA. I will say that I am completely surprised. Your many anti-PTA experiences mirror mine. I wish you nothing but the best. As president, won’t you have a stonger voice to put an end to the pettiness?

    I wish you the best PTA year in history!

  9. I won’t mock, but I will hide. Of course, my kids don’t go to your school so the hiding will do me no good. But I still don’t want to be involved in PTA. I’ll be a classroom helper anyday.

  10. I won’t mock. You are a better mom than I am. I have good intentions about volunteering at my kid’s school and then I blow it off to do “me” things like yoga or long walks in the sunshine (I even shopped and once I went for a massage instead of going on a field trip, but I didn’t volunteer in advance that time).

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