So does this mean I am under arrest?

So does this mean I am under arrest?

Hey, my wonderful readers.  I hate posts like this, however, the blog police were here and told me it had  been over a week since I updated. (Doing math. Pondering.)  Anyway, my bad.  In between work, conference calls, doctor’s appointments, sick kids, sick husbands, meetings, setting up blood work and MRI’s for my son and life I absolutely should have taken the time to post something.

Again, my bad.

And with that….

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4 thoughts on “So does this mean I am under arrest?

  1. I don’t see the blog police much. Just my husband who reminds me that no one cares if I post daily or not and until writing translates to pay, I shouldn’t be in a twist about it.

  2. There are blog police? Scary. Are they like FBI or Big Brother or something? Shame on you for not stopping your busy life to update your blog. I hope you at least got a ticket. 😉

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